(Finals) Hope for the Lakers

"History's on our side, yo." Getty Images

Two days before NYE, we had dinner with our cousin (slang: "cuz"), an East Coast boy who just moved out to La La Land. He tells us: "2009 NBA Finals will be Lakers vs. Celtics. Lakers in six, maybe five." We laughed out loud. Sure, the Lake Show beat the Cs on X-Mas, but was the sun burning our relative's brain? Did he see the Finals last year? With the two teams meeting on TNT tonight, we decided to research this a little further. Apparently the fact that they met in the Finals last year could be quite meaningful if they were to meet this June.

Here's a history of the NBA Finals outcomes up until 2007.

Click that link if ya feel like it. For the last 30 years, whenever the same two teams meet in back-to-back years in da Finals, the same team barely ever wins twice. Consider:

(1) The Bullets and Sonics met back-to-back in the late 1970s. Bullets won in '78, Sonics won in '79

(2) Sixers and Lakers met in consecutive years: Lakers won in '82, Sixers in '83. This happened in the later year.

(3) The next two years, the Lakers and Cs met. Cs won first, then the Lakers took the '85 title.

(4) Lakers beat the Pistons in '88, Pistons beat the Lakers in '89.

(5) The Bulls did beat the Jazz back-to-back, but then again, they had this guy.

We're not very good at math, but in the last three decades, only once in five examples has a team beaten the same team in consecutive Finals. Maybe our cousin was onto something, eh?