From This Issue: The LeBron "Saga" (and Chris Broussard on First Take)

In our current issue, Chris Broussard wrote a piece called "It Would Be Like Stomping On Our Hearts," about the attitude of Cleveland fans towards LeBron's (potential) departure in 2010. Guess what? Broussard's gonna be on First Take this morning (02-06-09) talking about it. If you saw him there and that's why you're here, well, follow along with us.

You can read the Magazine feature here, although it requires Insider () access. If you're looking for justification to purchase Insider, you should read Broussard's "Behind The Story" on the LeBron 2010 saga, which goes into a good deal of detail. Also embedded here is a pretty humorous video, shot by Broussard himself, at a Cleveland barbershop. One Ohio resident doesn't seem to value LeBron as much as the others do, and at barbershops, that can get a little ug-lee. Take a watch. It's three minutes of your life you'll greatly value.