Clip Reel: Alex Ovechkin

Dude is quite good on skates. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

We love our readers, but we get a lot of irrational e-mails telling us what our biases are: "You guys hate the Steelers and love the Patriots!" (Uh, the Steelers were on our cover within the last few issues.) Another one we always get is: "You hate hockey!" In the last seven or so issues, we've had two hockey covers, including Alexander Ovechkin (here's the feature), who last night scored another absolutely ridiculous goal. Time to celebrate him!

His Wiki.
This is his official website.
This site is called "OvechkinFans."
Here's his NHL.Com page.
This is probably the most famous goal of his career so far, even with the one on 02-18-09. Ironically, it happened in front of Wayne Gretzky.
Pretty sweet 3:34 mix of Ovechkin highlights.
Ovechkin tearing it up at the SuperSkills competition.
Doing some promo work for the NHL.
This is from a video series apparently called "Sophomore Sensations."
Pretty detailed CBC video interview with Alex.
You don't necessarily think of him for this, but here's a collection of big hits he's leveled people with.
"We're gonna need a montage."
Pretty sweet goal against the Sabres.
This is TSN's countdown of his Top 10 goals. Sweet.
Top 10 Ovechkin moments of last season.
Another take on that subject.
He appeared on The Hour?
Here's the game where he banged four goals against the Senators.
This link has all 52 goals he scored as a rook.
Here he ties a game against the Devils with one second left.
Nice, a highlight mix set to Fort Minor. Fun!
Junior hockey and NHL Draft footage, eh?
We'll end with this: a nice, six-minute rip of highlights from the superstar.