Clip Reel: Lamar Odom

Odom takes it to the rack against the Grizzlies this season. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

We didn't see much of Lakers vs. Cavs II on Sunday—we were at Comic-Con, and let it be known: the new Wolverine video game is lookin' pretty sweet—but apparently Lamar Odom had a big day, and outshined the two brightest stars in the galaxy. We've always had a soft spot for Odom, all the way back to when he was banging shots for URI. Let's take a deeper look.

Here's his Wiki.
Basketball Reference page.
NBA.Com page.
Here's his official website.
Here are some edited highlights of the Lakers vs. Cavs game on 02-08-09.
A four-minute Lamar mix.
Here's a 5:24 Lamar mix.
This is the emotional SportsCenter feature about the death of his son.
Pretty insane one-handed slam.
Lamar hanging out with ... Clayton Kershaw?
NBA Inside Stuff feature on Lamar.
Long radio interview with Odom. 'Tis fairly detailed.
Lamar assess the role of The Notorious B.I.G. in hip-hop history.
Cool title for this "vid" is "Lamar Odom: The Magic of Basketball."
This is a pretty good "So how important is Odom to this Lakers team?" video feature.
"Lamar Odom Unplugged."
31 points and 10 boards against the Mavericks last April.
Lamar plays "H-O-R-S-E" against a Lakers commentator.
Odom interviewed during his rookie year.
"Lamar Odom finally puts the spotlight on himself."
Odom's inspiration when he plays the Celtics.
Good piece about how he's been stepping up his game since Bynum got hurt.
We'll end with this feature from The Providence Journal. It's pretty sweet.