ESPN Insider: Is it wise for the Lions to avoid Stafford?

Should they? Or shouldn't they? Getty Images

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So, uh, the Lions were pretty bad last year, eh? ("HOW BAD WERE THEY?") Naw, for real though: they were stinkin' awful. As a result, they have the No. 1 pick. Should they take former Georgia QB Matthew Stafford? Some people think so, but in this new piece from ESPN Insider, the Football Outsiders argue that they shouldn't do that. It's part of a bigger look at some questions regarding the NFC North in '09. If ya ask us, this whole "NFL Draft" business in late April is a darn good reason to become an Insider. You know how much valuable content might end up behind that pay wall? A bushel. That's right. A bushel of content. Shouldn't you be part of dat?