Clip Reel: Alfonso Soriano

No way, right? No way. Yes, there's no way. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

If you're a baseball fan, you've probably realized this by now, but we wanted to take a few lines of text and point it out: the 40/40 Club (in baseball, not the Jay Z one) has four members: Jose Canseco (wrote a book about doing 'roids), Barry Bonds (could be the biggest villian of this era), Alex Rodriguez (the Bronx should be an even bigger zoo this year), and Alfonso Soriano. No way that dude did anything, right? Look at him! Read this, though. (If you like to laugh, read this.) Anyway, baseball's back. Time for a look at him. Cubs in '09!

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How are the Cubs coping with what happened last year?
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"Vid" on him called "Life of Fame."
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What's it like to play ball in Japan? He'll tell ya.
Nice one on the importance of his mother to him.
Grainy fan video of him taking Homer Bailey deep.
Nice mix of highlights and photos of Soriano.
Interestingly, some guys made a blues song called "Alfonso Soriano Sucks."
Apparently, the film "Rush Hour" helped him learn English.
You remember how good he was in the 2001 World Series? Daaaa-yum!
This article seems a good place to end.