Clip Reel: DeJuan Blair

Blair = scrappy. Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

Having lunch last week at da office, and over our Subway sandwiches, someone remarks: "Pitt's gonna make the Final Four this year." Now, considering they haven't advanced past the Sweet 16 under Jamie Dixon, that does seem a little preposterous, no?

Last night's thumping of Connecticut in Hartford was impressive, but then again: Dyson is out for the year and Hasheem Thabeet barely showed up. Well, wait; he barely showed up because he had to wrangle with DeJuan Blair all night. The guy is a monster. 22 and 23? AH! How can you not have him somewhere near the top of Big East POY discussion, right? Anyway, Pitt might indeed make the Final 4. Stranger things have happened in our universe. Here now, a look at Mr. Blair.

This is probably the best national article about Blair, via ESPN.Com's Dana O'Neil.
Another good one, via the same author.
This is Blair's page on the Pitt website.
This is a nice piece from Sports Illustrated on the rebounding machine.
Here's some video of him against Okie State.
Interview during last year's Big East Tournament at MSG.
This is what appears to be a decent highlight video of the workman-like efforts of Blair.
This is a better one.
Putback against 'Cuse.
Some highlights from last night's win over Connecticut.
Another beast 20-20 performance, this time versus Notre Dame at the end of January.
Video about DeJuan called, awesomely, "Chairman of the Boards."
Good Andy Katz article on how Blair neutralized Thabeet.
Hey look! A DeJuan Blair SI cover.
OK, this just seems awkward.
The Bucks might want him, eh? Ha.
You think this is true?
This is funny, and a good spot to end.