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D-League dunkers > NBA dunkers? Getty Images

Yesterday, there was some debate online about whether or not the NBDL's dunk contest was better than the NBA's. (For the record, James White's free-throw line dunk was far superior to Dwight Howard's.)

But going further, could the NBDL All-Stars beat the NBA rookies in a game? D-League superstar Rod Benson is on the case:

"Some people will say that this idea is silly and that the rookies would dominate a roster full of minor leaguers," he writes. "I imagine that some of you reading this right now would consider a rookie vs. D-League game to be as competitive as an episode of American Gladiators—Joe Schmoe tries to take down Laser and ends up with two broken legs. I get it. But, I believe, as my teammate Richard Hendrix does, that beyond the first few guys on every NBA team, the talent level of the 7th-to-15th man is very similar and that talent spills over into the D-League. I am on a team right now with three guys who have already had NBA experience, and two of them are All-Stars. They were victims of a numbers game, not of lacking talent."

Benson goes on to list reasons why this game would be good for professional basketball—more exposure for the D-League, scouts getting to see these guys on a bigger stage—and they are all rather convincing. David Stern, you're on notice.

Paul DePodesta is back in Arizona for Spring Training. And that feeling he felt his first year in the Bigs as a staffer for the Indians 14 years ago, that everything-is-new excitement, hasn't changed one bit:

"Leaving San Diego this weekend didn't have quite the same qualities as leaving Cleveland in the mid-90's," he writes. "I now have a family, which makes it much more difficult to leave, and there's no urge to leave San Diego weather behind … ever (I actually drove through snow between San Diego and Phoenix on Saturday). That said, the feeling of arriving in spring training has not changed in my 14 years.

"I hope it never does."

Mark Titus might as well be a real sports blogger with his obsession over Erin Andrews. It's nearly every post he's fawning over her beauty. But tucked at the bottom of a Valentine's Day ode to Erin Pageviews was some rather spirited talk about NBA Jam.

"If there's one certainty in my life, no matter what the circumstances may be, it's that I will always put my trust in the hands of Clyde 'The Glide' Drexler whenever an NBA Jam game breaks out," he writes. "Simply put, when it comes to NBA Jam, Clyde Drexler is murder in the form of a pixilated and balding basketball player. Danny thought that the Knicks, featuring Patrick Ewing and John Starks, would be able to handle the Blazers. In case you didn't notice, Danny, the Knicks don't have Clyde Drexler. Strike one."

It's death, taxes and Clyde Drexler for Mark Titus.

Have you seen Lance Armstrong's bike anywhere? Because it's been stolen and he needs your help. Let's go to the tweets:

"Whoa!! They just came to my room and said our truck was broken into and someone stole my time trial bike!" he writes. "Wtf?!? APB out to the twitterati."

"Hey also stole 3 others. Crazy!!"

"A pic of the stolen tt bike. There is only one like it in the world therefore hard to pawn it off."


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