ESPN Insider: Are the White Sox headed for a fall?

"I clap not for Insider." Getty Images

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We hit up about eight weddings between Sept. '06 and August '07, all of 'em without girlfriends of our own. Depressing. To ease the emotional toll, we talked frequently of our own glorious bachelor party, when (if?) it happens. The dream: townhouses across from Wrigley Field. We got so hyped on the Cubs as we played out this fantasy that their NLDS loss last season was heartbreaking. White Sox? Pffft. They play at a place nicknamed "The Cell," for sam's sake! Then it dawned on us: we do work for ESPN, and the Sox do have a title far more recently than the Cubbies, so maybe we should learn about 'em. Hmmm. Good call. Here's a place to start, via ESPN Insider. ()