Lil Wayne Blog: "I'd probably tell A-Rod to retire at this point."

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Thanks to everyone being patient while waiting for the new blog. I had a lot going on with the holidays and the Grammys and everything, but now we should be back to our weekly thing. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to my mailbag congratulating me on the Grammys, and to everyone who watched me on Around the Horn. Those were both amazing experiences for me—one of the biggest weeks of my life—and your support means a lot. Shout out to Woody Paige, who is maybe the funniest person in America. I wish people could hear what's said after they say "cut." Also shout out to Skip Bayless. He was the first person to send me a congratulations text message after the Grammys, and that's the kind of stuff you remember. Thanks to Michael Smith for letting me win Around the Horn. He is smart as hell and could beat anyone in the world at anything.


Now for the blog. I apologize that we cannot go any further until I address the whole Alex Rodriguez thing. I watched the press conference like you did, and I have two thoughts. First of all, if you like A-Rod and you're on his side then he did a great job. He seemed like he was giving details and coming clean with everything. And the way he talked about how he got the drugs from his cousin, it's like, you don't even know if he really has a cousin—so he didn't sell that guy out. That was good of him not to give away any names himself. [Ed's Note: He does have a cousin and his name is Yuri Sucart.] But if you're like Wayne and you're not on his side and if you're wondering whether or not he's telling the truth, man, it's a hard press conference to swallow. Does anyone actually believe he only took steroids for two years but then stopped voluntarily before he got busted? That really makes no sense. If I were his manager or his agent right now I'd be asking him to tell me, look, is there anything else? Did you do anything else at any other time? Because if he did, and it comes out later, then his career is a big zero.

He wants to be that guy who goes forward and wins the World Series while he's clean, and he hopes that everyone will accept that he's moved forward. But you know the New York press is going to be doing its best to find more dirt until the day that man dies. If there is anything else—even some random vitamin he took last year—he's done. And you know something is going to come out. You know he's a difficult teammate to get along with and that there are dozens of former teammates who would rat him out in a heartbeat. He better have told the whole truth or else it's coming out.

If I were his manager I wouldn't know what to tell him other than to play his butt off. Hell, I'd probably just tell him to retire at this point. You know there's something else that's gonna come out, and he better retire and sell his book before it comes out and he turns into Canseco. But he's not going to retire so the one thing I would tell him to do right now is focus on being a better teammate. He needs to bust his ass for his team and hope they have his back because it's going to be a long season.

When I was on Around the Horn I made a mistake when I said he should work with parents to explain the dangers of steroids to kids. I thought about it and really, it's not his responsibility to teach kids right from wrong; that falls on the parents. The parents should be pointing to this guy and talking to their kids about how what he did was irresponsible and wrong. I always say I don't like being a role model, so A-Rod shouldn't be one, either.


Speaking of role models, this whole controversy with Michael Phelps and the bong was certainly upsetting. When I saw that picture on SportsCenter the first thing I thought about was all his sponsors, because he is held to a higher standard than probably any other athlete in the world. He's a great kid and everyone knows that, so it was really hard for me to see him getting dragged through something that was so minor in the grand scheme of things. We can't do nothing about the Internet—so there's no way to keep this kind of information from reaching the masses. But it was upsetting that so many respectable news outlets were reporting this like it was the end of the world. There has to be a line that's drawn with what we think is worth reporting and what should just be left alone. I know all it takes is for one channel to talk about it and then all the rest of them have to chime in to keep up, but man. There are real problems going on right here—huge problems like millions of people losing their jobs—and all we can talk about for three days straight is Michael Phelps smoking weed? Come on. America, you are better than that. Michael will obviously rise above this because he is an amazing dude and people love him maybe more than they love any other public figure besides Barack Obama, period.


People in LA need to calm themselves down. Manny Ramirez is going to end up in a Dodger uniform. He's gonna take the three year deal at some point because there is nothing else on the table. LA fans are getting hyper in the mailbag, but they don't need to worry. And like I said, if he goes to the Yankees I'll record my anti-Manny song for the next album and it will be the best song on the album.


We got a few people asking in the mailbag if I think Ocho Cinco is going to be in a Bengals uniform next year. To be honest, I don't really know because every time I talk to Chad he's asking when he can get in the studio and record something with me. He wants to come down and record, so I'm writing something for him. I don't want him to just be in there by himself not knowing what to say. Depending on how good it is, it could be on the next album. We'll see.


Something funny happened the night before the Super Bowl. I went to a party in Tampa and the promoter led me and my entourage back into some VIP section that people had paid to be in. It was all good until my entourage kept getting bigger and bigger and then there was a little bit of an altercation. All of a sudden, Warren Sapp comes flying in out of nowhere. He's standing there all 90 million pounds of him and 80 million feet tall with a cigar in his mouth and he says, "Ain't nobody going nowhere. This here is my little brother." So we all got to stay. Warren Sapp kept me from getting evicted, so shout out to him.

Also shout out to Jerry Rice. I was trying to hook up with him before the Grammys because he said he had an autographed jersey to give me but then things got too crazy with the whole show and everything so I wasn't able to. I very much appreciate him reaching out to me, and I'm sad I missed meeting up with him. You know you are having a great weekend when someone from the NFL Hall of Fame wants to hang out with you. Shout out to the whole Hall of Fame.

I'll be back on Monday with my next mailbag, so be looking for that.