Lil Wayne's Blog: "I really believe that Carolina has the character to win out."

"I didn't see a Campbell's soup commercial for Ben Roethlisberger, but I did see Kurt Warner dancing with Ellen DeGeneres." Getty Images

[Ed.'s Note: Lil Wayne is back with another edition of his blog here at espnthemag.com. Here, he answers a few of his readers' burning questions. ]

Wayne, at the beginning of the season you said you had UNC as the team winning the NCAA tournament. With selection Sunday coming soon, do you still think they are gonna win it?

-- James (Alexandria, VA)

Yes, James. I still have UNC, because they know how to be champions. They know what it smells like and what it feels like to be No. 1. Other teams keep jumping up to No. 1 and losing the next night. You can't do that kind of thing when the Sweet Sixteen rolls around or you're done. I really believe that Carolina has the character to win out. I think teams like Duke and Syracuse are going to struggle in the tournament and lose early. Look for UNC to go all the way.

If you received a scholarship offer from every school in America today, who would you pick in football? Basketball? Baseball?

--Jayme (Hot Springs, AR)

Well, I'd definitely pick LSU for football. I know people would expect me to say USC, because you get to be in Hollywood with all the beautiful women, and I do love beautiful women. But you know what? If I were that good at football, I wouldn't be choosing a school based on the women. I'd be motivated to really focus on the task at hand. I'm from New Orleans, and at LSU it's like a family. Every night of the week, you go over to someone on your team's mother's house and she'll cook for the whole team. You don't get that kind of thing in Hollywood. There is no sense of family like that. For baseball I'd choose Miami. And for basketball you know I'd go with UNC.

Now Weezy, if you were Mike Tomlin, what would your motivational tool be for jump-starting the Steelers back to being a team with desire, love and that "I want to be a winner again" attitude after cruising to a super bowl win?

-- Noah (Houston)

This is a great question, Noah. If I were Mike Tomlin, I would call a meeting on the first day of training camp and say stuff like this: "We may have won the Super Bowl, but we weren't respected. I didn't see a Campbell's soup commercial for Ben Roethlisberger, but I did see Kurt Warner dancing with Ellen DeGeneres. We won the damn Super Bowl and we didn't get to go dance on Ellen. Pittsburgh loves us, but we don't have the love and respect we deserve from the rest of the country. We have to go out this year and earn that respect, make them love us and get those soup ads."

Wayne, my question is now that we've seen Aaron Rodgers play an entire season, do you think he has the potential to be anywhere near as good as Favre?

-- Angela (Milwaukee, WI)

No. No one will ever be Brett Favre, there is only one. That's not to say Aaron Rodgers will not be a great quarterback. I do love Aaron Rodgers, and I love what he's doing in Green Bay, but there will never be another legend like Brett.

Wayne—Knowing everything you know at this point in your life and career, would you rather your son grow up to be a successful rapper or a successful athlete?

-- Michelle (Omaha, NE)

That is a really good question. As a father, I will love and support my son in anything he wants to do, and because of that, I will just be pulling for him to be a success at whatever it is he chooses to do. He might not even like sports or music. Actually, I take that back. There's no way he won't like sports or music because of who his father is. Of course he's going to be obsessed with both. Hmmm. If I had to pick between the two, I'd much rather him be an athlete. That would be the most amazing thing for me, because at that point, I will be deeper into sports than music. I'll be fully in that world. If he turns out to be a great athlete, I would be the craziest father sports fan there ever was. I'd be 50 years old with my crazy face painted, screaming in the front row of every game, whatever sport it was. Golf? It don't matter. I'd be there screaming.

Weezy—You with me on the Cubs breaking their 100-year curse this year?

-- Cole Lutter (Vermont)

No, Cole. I'm not and I'm sorry. I'm totally with the Red Sox winning it all this year. With all the scandals going on with the Yankees right now, and the Red Sox just cruising along away from the mess, they are going to come out and completely dominate the rest of the world, as long as everyone stays healthy. My main concern at this point is injuries with Big Papi, J.D. Drew and, of course, Josh Beckett. If those guys are injured again this year, we might have problems. If that's the case, then look for the Rays to sweep right in there and take the title. I just don't see a way for the Cubs to do it. The other teams at the top are too good.

Hey what up Wayne. Love the blog man, you killed it on Around the Horn too, that was great to watch. Really interested in what your answer to this question would be: If you could play on any team from any year in history, what would your choices be? The new track with Lloyd is an absolute banger, too. Keep killin' it, Weezy.

-- Hayward

Thanks for your support, Hayward. It does mean a lot to hear from fans like this. I would choose the '85 Bears. Not only did they win the championship that year but, man, those boys were hard-nosed fighters. Being part of that team would have been an honor and a privilege.

I was wondering what your thoughts were on the NFL moving the Pro Bowl out of Hawaii, all the players seem to be against it, so why are they moving it? The pro bowl is a huge thing for Hawaii, especially in this economy.

-- Erik Leon (Maui)

It's a mistake, Erik. The Pro Bowl is supposed to be an exhibition, and it's supposed to be a reward for guys who have busted their a—all year long. Hawaii is a reward in so many ways. These guys have been getting pounded all year and all they want to do is kick back on the beach with a drink and some sun, and we want to take that away from them? It's horrible. And it's horrible for the parents and the wives and the children and the coaches, too. I know they're trying to move it up so that it will mean more if it takes place before the season ends, but at the end of the day, it's still an exhibition game, and it should be held in the most beautiful place in America. I'm with Erik here.

Did you see Nadal beat Federer in Australia? Why do you think Federer cried like that?

-- Marie

I don't know, but I have an idea. I don't play any sports, but I gotta imagine the adrenaline and emotion is so intense for something that big that when you come so close and lose, sometimes it just comes pouring out of you and there is nothing you can do to stop it. The tears just come out on their own. Federer is a warrior and everyone knows that. He can cry if he wants to.

Weezy do you go to more sports websites or hip-hop websites?

-- Charles

Sports websites. Honestly, it's not even close.

First off, congratulations on winning four Grammys and your great performances. Second, I know that you are a Lakers fan, so what do you think of the Lakers losing Bynum for 2-3 months? Also what do you think of the Adam Morrison deal for the Lake Show?

-- Bryce

This is so crazy, because when I saw Morrison play in college, for some reason, I saw him as a Laker 100%. For some strange reason, he just had that Laker aura about him. Maybe it's because I was a big fan of his when he was at Gonzaga and I wanted him to go to my team. I just always thought he would be there. So when I found out about the trade I was very pleased. As far as Bynum goes, I'm kind of glad we lost somebody, because we needed that extra push. At this point in the season, you can sort of fall asleep just putting W's up every night like nothing. But now that the big man ain't out there, we're really having to get creative. Lamar Odom has been wonderful. We are absolutely going to win a championship this year. Tell your bookie Weezy said so.

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