Clip Reel: Fever Pitch

If this was a real couple, who outkicked their coverage? Getty Images

What is "Clip Reel?"

True story: we're at a bar in Boston this fall, pretty deep into things (if ya know what we mean) and this 40-something couple says out loud, "What's the name…of that movie…bout the Sox…with Drew Barrymore?" We waited a minute, then finally said it: "Fever Pitch?" The couple high-fived us, we got a buyback, and someone remarked under their breath, "That's about the first time that movie has gotten a high-five in Boston." Ha. Anyway, with Jimmy Fallon's new show debuting tonight, we thought we'd take a quick look at his one major sports film. It's short, but doesn't that make it sweeter?

This is the IMDB for the flick.
Here's the Wiki for the film.
Good aggregation of reviews.
Here's the trailer.
This is the "Buckner" scene.
This appears to be clips and photos of Barrymore in the film.
There's some good Fever Pitch stuff in here, as well as other top Fallon clips.
And hey, if you want wallpapers from the film, just go here. Ha.
Memorable Quotes: our favorite is the stuff about "bag of hair."