Lil Wayne's Blog: "Dwyane Wade, you are amazing."

"They didn't show me heckling those poor Knicks players." Getty Images

First of all, I cannot even begin the blog today without stating a simple fact I have recently come to realize: Dwyane Wade, you are amazing. I was not a believer. You know I'm Kobe all the way to the grave. But to see what Dwyane Wade does on the basketball court, man. It's shocking on television, but in person it's unfathomable. Sitting down front row and watching that kid jump over everybody's head and be such a terrible jump shooter during the whole game but, as soon as it matters, everything he shoots goes in? That's amazing. I haven't seen him in the elevator lately, but when I do I'm going to tell him how amazing he is.

And shout out to the Knicks, especially Nate Robinson, Q Richardson, Chris Wilcox and Chris Duhon. ESPN showed me on Sportscenter sitting in the front row with my D-Wade band-aid on, but they didn't show me heckling those poor Knicks players. I went completely off. My seats are about five rows down from the visitors bench -- so they can hear if I sneeze. Well, imagine me up the whole game going crazy like I've been a D-Wade fan all my life, yelling stuff like, "This is my house" and, "Get out of Miami."

I was telling Q Richardson, "I remember when you used to play basketball." Just being horrible in general. Even the girls from the game that didn't know me and met me later that night were like "Wow, you're so nice. You were so rude at that game." That's how bad I was. Ladies were getting on me for being mean.

Nate Robinson, you are amazing. You can't say stuff about being short to Nate because he can dunk over you and your mama. Although at one point the other night I saw him lean over to Q-Rich and whisper "Is he on drugs?" because I was getting so into the game. Q-Rich is laughing and I'm like, OK, I am so sober right now it's not even funny. I will run over there and show you how sober I am. But then again, most sane people would probably look at the average sports fan going nuts at a game and ask if he is on drugs.

Q-Rich: you need to be on a team that will actually let you play because you can actually still play. Duhon: I know where you come from, so to see where you're at is amazing. You've overcome a lot and you are an inspiration. Chris Wilcox: I've been a fan since I put a load of money on Maryland when you guys won the national championship. I had a great deal of money riding on that game, and you guys won so I love you, Chris. Don't even trip. I know I gave you a bad time the other night but I've been rocking with you this whole time.


When I was at the the game that night, Larry Johnson was sitting right next to me. I don't even know if he knows where he's gonna be next year, but I'm really glad the Chiefs got Matt Cassell. I think they're gonna be alright -- a lot better than they were, that's for sure. I think if I went out there and played QB they'd be a lot better. I haven't talked to D-Bowe about it yet, but I'm about to call him right now and see what he thinks. I know he'll be happy about it. To all the Chiefs fans out there who have been asking in the mailbag: I think you guys will be competitive but maybe just miss the playoffs this year by one or two games. But the important thing is the team is moving in the right direction.

And now we must talk about T.O. Before he went to the Bills, everybody was making lists of all the AFC and NFC teams that didn't want him. Supposedly, all the NFC teams didn't want him except the 49ers, and all the AFC teams weren't interested except the Raiders. Him ending up with the Bills just goes to show the crap the league dishes out to slam T.O. and paint a mental picture of him. It turns out more teams DID want him. Getting cut by Dallas has to hurt, but in this world today, he still has a job -- a better job than most. At the end of the day, he wins. In Dallas there's a lot of pressure to win because of the history. In Buffalo they never won, and they haven't been to the big game in a long time. Plus, you don't have a situation where your starting quarterback is dating Jessica Simpson. I think that locker room needs a spark. And basically that will be all about T.O. and that's exactly how he wants it.


Last week, when I said that A-Rod should just retire, I got a lot of feedback from people saying I was crazy and also from people who agreed with me. You know what? This injury happening right now might be a good thing for him so he can re-group. His name is gonna die down a little bit and we're gonna be talking about other people. Of course, the media is going to keep checking on him and keep us updated when he crosses a street, but he'll be able to at least lay low for the next few months. I'm not worried about the hip problem ending his career like it did Bo Jackson. He will come back from this. He'll never be the same old A-Rod, but IF he comes back good, and we have to talk about his numbers again, he'll be able to paint a different picture of himself. In this world, we all are forgiven. I haven't seen people forgive someone for steroids yet, but A-Rod would be a good first one.

I'm pleased to see my man Man-Ram is back with the Dodgers, and I am confident he will be great this year. Even when he's not trying hard, he's still trying hard. Even him at 80% is still better than 90% of the players out there. You cannot underestimate his bat. We keep focusing on the one time he didn't run out a groundball, but it seems like we can count the number of times on one hand that Manny gave up. Show me dozens of times Manny didn't run to first base. Quit showing the same clip. Manny is going to be amazing this year and all the teams that passed him up this offseason are going to be sorry.

Shout out to all the players who have been participating in the World Baseball Classic and giving us something to watch in March until March Madness rolls around. By the time I wake up in the morning, there is already meaningful baseball happening and I can't tell them how grateful I am for that. And it matters. These guys are jumping up and down every time someone gets a base hit, and this is March we're talking about. Just to see those guys on Team USA come together at this hard time for baseball and for the economy is a wonderful thing. It's made me so excited. I already got my tickets to some Marlins and some Rays games, and I'm gonna try for Fenway, too. I'll let the Red Sox fans know on the blog before I make it up there.

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