Lil Wayne's Blog: "This is not the year for Cinderella teams"

"I'm actually not a believer in Memphis." Getty Images

[Ed.'s Note: Lil Wayne is back with another blog entry! Here, he answers more of your burning sports questions.]

Em Seng (A Town)
First off, you're my idol and hero. With March Madness coming up, what's your take on Memphis? Are they actually good or just look good because of their conference?

That's a tough one. I'm actually not a believer in Memphis. At this point, I would take UConn coming out of that region over Memphis. I think, in the end, it's going to be UNC and another powerhouse -- somebody like UConn or Pitt. I'm not sure who, but it's gonna be a 1 or a 2 seed. This is not the year for Cinderella teams. No George Mason or VCU. Much love to those teams for getting anywhere they get. I love Eric Maynor and Larry Sanders over at VCU, and I'll be pulling for them. Much love to them. I don't see a Louisville or a Kansas. I do see Duke in the mix. I see them going further this year than they have recently. Coach K might kill himself if they don't. He might really end it.

Jeff (Birmingham)
Wayne -- I know you are a huge Hornets fan and I was wondering about your reaction to the whole saga of Tyson Chandler getting traded and then coming back?

Tyson Chandler and Chris Paul are becoming one of the greatest, most-unstoppable dynamic duos in the league and it would have been horrible to split them up. Just atrocious. But I'm glad it happened so they could feel that kick in the gut when they thought he wasn't going to be on the team no more. They needed that push, and now they know what they've got to do, so it's a good thing.

Ryan (Toronto)
Dear Mr. Carter, You've mentioned in a prior blog, that you were a Bruins fan. What was it that led you to choosing Boston as your favorite hockey team? Should I assume it was Bobby Orr?

It's a childhood thing. I've been liking them since I was really young, just a little guy who was drawn to the big B and the colors. It's just kind of stuck with me since then. I will say, though, that this year I have really been enjoying watching Sidney and Malkin with the Penguins. Usually when I'm watching hockey I'm watching them, to tell you the truth. They are an absolute joy to watch and, Pittsburgh, you should feel really blessed to have that kind of talent among you.

Kristi (Huntington, W.V.)
Do you think Lebron could potentially average a triple-double in a season?

I think he can. Hell, I think he could even get a few quadruple-doubles in there with the way he can block a shot if he wants to.

Eric (East Bay, Calif)
Hey Wayne, what do you think about the sudden resurgence of Shaq? Can Phoenix get into the playoffs with his help? Also props to you man for still making music after all of your success on Tha Carter III. I don't think anyone can/will match your passion for music right now.

Thanks for your support, Eric. And, yes. Watch out for Phoenix. You can't underestimate Shaq's size. That's like a gorilla getting mad and actually deciding to go crazy. He's not an old man, he's an old gorilla. And I say that with love, but you can't treat him like a man. And now that old gorilla is angry, and he is turning that anger into fuel. They've got some work to do before making it to the playoffs, but you can never underestimate Shaq or you will be sorry.

Jordan (Slinger, WI)
Weezy -- What was it like being the voiceover for Gatorade's new "What's G?" commercials?

It was fun. I didn't actually know it was going to be that big -- meaning with that many people of that kind of stature in it. I didn't know Muhammad Ali would be in it. They gave me kind of an idea of who would be in it, but when I saw the champ, I was amazed. It was great. Some people are like, "isn't it weird to hear your voice on TV?" But I'm very used to it. When I hear my voice on the radio I turn it up.

Ben (Jacksonville)
What up, Weezy? I know you are boys with Ocho Cinco and I'm wondering what's the latest with him?

Ocho Cinco calls me every day. Every single day. But he never wants to talk about football, it's always, "When are we going into the studio?" He comes down there almost every night. He's in the studio with me until like 3 or 4 in the morning and then he gets up every morning to go work out. He just chills and listens to the music. Everybody is there, and we're all just kind of sitting around talking and making music all night. Baby is there, T-Pain may be there -- just the whole group, and he fits right in. We're recording Tha Carter 4 and the Rebirth Album right now, so it's pretty crazy every night and he's right in it.

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