The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

I need your help. I am trying to get baseball to do the right thing about this whole steroids era and I can't seem to get my idea off the ground. All I want baseball to do is what the Olympics do. If you get caught using performance enhancing drugs or are proven to have used drugs in the past, your records are expunged. Simple, easy, peasey. All baseball has to do is the same thing with stats. If a player is found to have used a performance enhancing drug, his stats for that year would be expunged from the record books. The evidence for use would only have to satisfy the commissioner, none of this proved-beyond-a-reasonable-doubt stuff. All of the appropriate records would go to the men who deserved them, 61 would mean 61 and everybody would know it. Not only that, but the sports writers would be off the hook for the Hall of Fame voting. Barry Bonds' numbers before the clear were good enough to get him in the Hall of Fame, so the writers could vote for him with a clear conscience. It would also make it easier for the big names to come forward knowing their Hall of Fame chances weren't completely in the sewer if they admitted to use. There you go, problem solved.

-- Lorne Dakin

C'mon, that's so simple and easy that nobody would … wait. Actually, that makes truckloads of sense. I don't know why people haven't thought of it before. Lorne Dakin, you're a genius. I'm emailing this to Bud Selig. Today. Which is why it'll never work.

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