Too Short For A Column

Three items with absolutely nothing to do with each other:

1) Manny Ramirez has been taking female fertility drugs? So what? That's just Manny being Annie.

2) USA Today wrote Thursday that Nuggets' guard Chauncey Billups was "raised in the gritty Park Hill neighborhood in northeast Denver." Please. Park Hill is where I was born. If that area is gritty, then I'm Tupac Shakur.

3) Of course Orlando guard Rafer Alston deserved a one-game suspension for his swinging headband readjustment atop the noggin of Celtics guard Eddie House. But why didn't House get a Flagrant 1 for the elbow Alston says he put in his stomach two seconds before? Kobe Bryant got a 1 for the elbow he threw at Ron Artest. Should it matter if a guy connects? It doesn't when it comes to punches thrown. Did House not get it for the same reason that Celtic Rajon Rondo didn't get one for slapping Chicago's Brad Miller in the face? Is it because the Celtics are the darlings of the league, are the defending champs, and the Finals MVP award is named after a Celtic (Bill Russell)? I'm not saying. I could be fined. I don't live in Boston.