The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

Re: Kommuting with Kobe

What was so exhausting about the day? All he did was wake up, work out for one hour, go to a light shooting practice for two hours, stay in a high-end, downtown LA hotel suite for free where he had catered food, a nap, and DVDs playing, then went to the game and shot 33%. Oh and he probably earned over $80K pro-rated for this one day's work. Bless me with his talent and I'm doing the same thing. You want to know a hard day's work? Follow around some poor bastard working two jobs for crap money and no perks while trying to support a young family in a poor neighborhood. Let me tell you something Reilly, you'll never catch me marveling at Kobe's drive and work ethic in comparison to a guy like that. It's insulting.

— Joe (San Diego)

Let me get this straight. The guy is up at six, isn't home until 11, puts in a 17-hour day (not subtracting the nap) and somehow you're insulted because he makes big money? Don't you see that's the point? He makes ridonkulous money, more than enough to retire on long ago, and yet he's still busting his butt because he feels an obligation to his legacy, his teammates and his fans. This is a guy who's already won three rings. Do you know how many supremely talented athletes sleep in until the shootaround, play Madden after and go through the motions during the game? Gobs of them. I feel for somebody working two jobs, too, but what do you want Bryant to do, mop the floors at Sears at night so you feel better? Grow up.

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