Action Sports Report

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[Ed.'s Note: The Action Sports Report is a weekly blog that covers sports from skateboarding to snowboarding to FMX.]

No two action sports icons are alike. Turns out neither are their Twitter habits. Just like their riding or skating styles, they've all got unique quirks, tendencies and go-to moves. Some complain to no one in particular about the trivialities of life on the road or mundane chores like waiting in line or packing for a trip. Others let you know what they're about to eat just after they've said grace. Don't be surprised to see a link to a pic of a nicely healing scab from a recent slam. With all the tweeting that's going on we decided to break down the Twitter styles of your favorite shredders so you don't have to. Maybe you're already following one of them. You may have even Re-Tweeted a few of their pithy remarks. Either way, feel free to hit them up when you're out there in the great wide Twitterverse.

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Tony Hawk
Twittering Since: February 25, 2009
Number of Followers: 685,361
Following: 75 people; Eliza Dushku, Jon Favreau, Artie Lange
Style: Serial tweeter, playful instigator. Treats Twitter as a tool as much as a toy providing both tour updates and sending followers on scavenger hunts to find skateboards he's hidden throughout the country.
Best Tweet: "30 years later and I am still sneaking into backyard pools (of abandoned homes) to throw a session"

Carey Hart
Twittering Since: January 26, 2009
Number of Followers: 23,716
Following: 25 people; Pink, Samantha Ronson, CNN
Style: Routinely pushes the 140 character limit; thinks exclamation marks grow on trees.
Best Tweet: "Oh boy, barneys of new york. So funny walking through the store. Old ladies clinch their purses as I walk by. Love it!!!!"

Shaun White
Twittering Since: October 16, 2008
Number of Followers: 18, 739
Following: 0
Style: Meat and potatoes, a fundamentally sound Tweeter. Gives simple updates about his geographical whereabouts, his plans for the day and occasional randomness.
Best Tweet: "Ah, hello, did you know there are 31,536,000 seconds in one year! Yup, just did the math…"

Ryan Sheckler
Twittering Since: April 8, 2009
Number of Followers: 72, 553
Following: 29; Danny Masterson, Britney Spears, Shaquille O'Neal
Style: Tends to be very economical with his words. Short reckless entries with typical high school texting syntax. Punctuation is optional.
Best Tweet: "I have a shopping problem"

James Stewart
Twittering Since: February 20, 2009
Number of Followers: 2099
Following: 0
Style: Always in a hurry and sometimes rambles but genuinely sincere. Tweets primarily directed at his fans.
Best Tweet: "I can't believe how hot it is down here in FL. It rains everyday at exactly 4 o'clock"

Bob Burnquist
Twittering Since: March 13, 2009
Number of Followers: 2298
Following: 58 people; Al Gore, Ashton Kutcher
Style: Favors sentence fragments but the guy seems to have a healthy respect for both grammar and punctuation. Twitteriffic is his weapon of choice.
Best Tweet: "Listening to my 1 year old speak half way Portuguese words. So funny… She's a parrot in the morning!"