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Met my favorite ever fast-food drive-thru clerk the other day at a Jack in the Box near Tierrasanta, CA, the little town north of San Diego that's the home of skateboard legend Tony Hawk, who'll be featured in a July Homecoming. When I pulled up to the ordering menu, he said, "Welcome to the Box, where everything rocks!" Then I heard him say to the car after me, "Abracadabra, what can I grabbya?" When I got to the window, I could see he was a surfer dude with a full face and spiked hair. I asked him what else he has. "I have dozens," he said. "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo! What can we cook for you?" But he said we had to come back to hear them all. The man loves his job.

So I'm determined to go back someday with some worthy replies:
"What's up, Bub? Get me some grub!"
"Don't want no rhymes, just need to dine!"

And, of course …
"Economy sucks. Whatcha got for two bucks?"

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