The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

Re: Rachel Alexandra

I disagree that thoroughbreds are born to "race." True, they are born to "run" … the "racing" part is all "human" inspired. I don't think they are born to be whipped, and/or drugged, in order to force them to run on fractured legs, and well past their natural tendencies. Again, all for our enjoyment. Whooopeee!!! I am disappointed that Rachel Alexandra was sold to the rich Mr. Jackson, who, above all else, seems to simply want to inject a little excitement into the sport. So what if Rachel Alexandra is never the same afterwards, or worse yet, has to be euthanized. I thought we finally had a couple of horse owners with integrity, who had the health of their horse in mind, but they sold her to the highest bidder. Just great!!! What I'd really like to see is Mr. Jackson run 1 3/16 mile with a jockey on his back, and when Mr. Jackson is so tired he wants to collapse, have the jockey whip the hell out of him until he actually does collapse.

You're wrong on every count.

1) Thoroughbreds will race each other across a pasture, a field, a meadow with no humans around. It's their nature to want to finish ahead of the other horses.

2) No horse I've ever heard about has been forced to run on fractured legs. Any trainer or owner who did that would be banned from racing forever.

3) Why would the mere act of running Rachel Alexandra in a horse race leave her ruined? Would you say the same of a bloodhound following a trail? It's installed in their genes, as natural as a bird in flight.

4) As amusing as it would be to see an owner carry a jockey on his back for 1 3/16th miles, it's a Jell-O-brained comparison. The average thoroughbred is 1,000 pounds, the average jockey is 112 pounds. So that's the equivalent of an extremely fit 130-pound athlete carrying a 15-pound backpack. Not exactly murder.

May I suggest not believing everything you read in the PETA newsletters?

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