Freak Celebrity Sighting

Despite being scheduled against Game 2 of the Lakers-Magic series, the Cedars-Sinai Sports Spectacular still drew a huge crowd of 1700 to the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza Sunday night in L.A. Besides Ochocinco, Dwyane Wade, Ryan Scheckler, Laila Ali, Baron Davis (who donned an Afro wig and introduced Snoop as though he were part of the posse), Warren Sapp, Blake Griffin and dozens of other sports stars, I saw Hasheem Thabeet, the skinny, ever-smiling 7-3 UConn center who figures to go in the top five of the coming NBA draft. I asked him what he thought of the lottery.

"Oh, I was SOOOO happy!" he beamed. "I see that the Los Angeles Clippers win the first pick!"

Why did this make you happy, 'Sheem?

"Because I know this means I do not have to play for them!"

Kid's a quick learner.

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