The One E-mail That Wasn't Insulting

Reaction was swift and terrible to my column about Al Rava, the lawyer who sued the Oakland A's because he wasn't given one of 7,500 hats as part of a Mother's Day/Breast Cancer Awareness promotion in 2004. Everybody seemed to have their own ideas for what Rava should get for his trouble.

Give Rava his hat. And the coupon. BUT … every female who was at the game has the opportunity to bean Rava in the head with a special pink bat. Which the ladies may then keep.

-- R. Deans (D.C.)

10 rounds with Manny Pacquiao. And if he goes all 10, [he] gets a free floppy sun hat.

-- Todd (Mesa, Ariz.)

(Men should ) claim that money, all of it. BUT: 1) Give the $25 Macy's Card to their mom; 2) Give the tickets to their mom and tell her to have a "girls night out" with one of her friends; 3) Use the $50 in cash to buy as many hot dogs, candy bars, burgers, sodas and peanuts to make the game as fun as can be. Now wouldn't that get under Mr. Rava's skin? All of his "hard work" going straight back to the women and their families!

-- Nate Warner (Olathe, Kan.)

Guys should line up and collect the $50 and the coupons, too, and then donate everything to the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

-- Jim McCann (Cambridge, Mass.)

If you actually happen to be one of the people who was at the game that day and want to claim your share of Rava's suit, the number is (888) 428-6571.

I vote we find an OBGYN who would give him a male-modified full work up that woman experience as a yearly check up. Maybe we could even have the Doc wear a "fishing" hat while on the expedition.

-- Sam DeLuca (Philadelphia, Pa.)

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