Leftover observations from a British Open that was one crummy 8-iron from being the greatest in history:

• Have you ever been watching what you think is a great movie -- loving every second of it -- and then, in the last two minutes, everybody dies? That's how it felt.

• You can be happy for Stewart Cink, but he will forever be the man who shot Bambi's mom. If there were 50 people at Turnberry rooting for Cink in that playoff, I'll eat my umbrella. When he hit it in the bunker on the first playoff hole, the crowd erupted in cheers.

• Plus, Cink now goes at the top of the Wrong Man list in sports history, replacing the previous leader Roger Maris, who somehow got to 61 ahead of Mickey Mantle.

• Afterward, as he sat in the booth waiting to be interviewed by ESPN's Tom Rinaldi, the moment overwhelmed Cink. He kept tearing up, taking huge breaths, taking his hat off and on, trying to compose himself. He couldn't.

"I'll give you a moment," Rinaldi said.

"I'm going to need more than that," Cink said.

If you think he was upset, you should have seen guys in the press room.

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