That Would Make an Excellent Intramural Team Name

From the ridiculously hilarious Charlie Saikley Volleyball Tournament this past weekend at Manhattan Beach, Calif, which is one-third Halloween, one-third AVP Tour event and one-third beer festival:

Don't Hassle the Hoff
Kinda Good
Jamaican Me Crazy
Hotter Than Last Night
Most Interesting Mortgage Men in the World
Queens of Denile
South Bay Clergy

Every team at the tourney wears matching outfits. There were teams dressed like 1970s Lakers (complete with Afros), superheroes (with capes), golddiggers (painted all gold with gold shovels in their garters), Oompa Loompas (with suspenders), men playing in house dresses, and Wilma Flintstones.

But by far the best team were the guys playing in Masters caddies outfits, in dead-on Augusta National white caddy bibs, with authentic-looking green caddy hats, and each with the names of a Masters winner on their back. After each game, they'd actually rake the sand with green rakes. They even had officials in green jackets who would hold up "Quiet" signs.

Absolutely nobody obeyed.

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