The Ricktionary

Spent the weekend in Austin, Texas, for the Austin City Limits Music Festival (best in show: The Airborne Toxic Event), some UT football reporting and my yearly lesson in How to Save Words, Texas Style.

My English-to-Texan dictionary:

Are you doubting that Colt McCoy is a fine quarterback? = You think ol' Colt cain't play?

Absolutely he can = Hail he cain't!

You should consider attending = You prolly orta go.

You and your friends would do well to consider attending = All y'all prolly orta go.

Perhaps we should do that = We might could.

You and your friends probably shouldn't have hijacked the Sooner Schooner = All y'all prolly ort not a stolt the Schooner.

Since you and your friends each own very slow boats, is it possible to transport everybody at once on them? = Can all y'all's trawls haul all y'all?

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