Too Short For A Column

Dwyane Wade is not who we thought he was.

You'll find that out Tuesday night if you watch the D-Wade Homecoming (10 p.m., Eastern, ESPN).

His back story is breathtaking -- raised by his four-years-older sister in the .38-calibre section of south Chicago. But his sense of humor is wonderfully dry, and his honesty is refreshing.

For instance, I asked him about being overshadowed in the epic 2003 draft class by No. 1 pick LeBron James and No. 3 Carmelo Anthony. Did it bother him that nobody was noticing, especially at the NBA Rookie Challenge, when Wade played well but the other two got all the hype?

DW: Yeah, it did. It, it bugged me ... I remember just everybody going to LeBron [and Carmelo], and I was like the third wheel. And I remember coming from All-Star break that year, and I told Lamar Odom, who was on my team at the time, I told him, "You will see a different Dwyane the second half of the season, because I was just angry at the respect I wasn't getting."
RR: So, you finish third in Rookie of the Year voting that year, do you remember who was first and second?
DW: Uh, the other two guys.
RR: Would that be LeBron and Carmelo?
DW: Yeah, it would be LeBron and Carmelo.
RR: Do you ever get sick of hearing those names?
DW: No, we're, we're linked for life.

And later, after he and his Miami Heat won the 2006 NBA championship in six games over the Dallas Mavericks, did he rub it in?

DW: I called them.
RR: What did you say?
DW: "What's up?" Now, reminding you, this is like the day after the Finals, so they go, "What you doing?" And I say, "Oh, nothing, just…looking at this ring."
RR: That's beautiful.
DW: I'm joking.

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