Never underestimate the power of a little publicity.

Three weeks after Kelly Kulick pulled off arguably the greatest feat in women's sports history -- defeating the world's best male bowlers in the Professional Bowlers Association Tour's choicest event, the Tournament of Champions -- I wrote a column wondering why nobody has called her, not President Obama and not even the first lady.

"Maybe they hate bowling?" Kulick asked.

Well, they may still hate bowling, but they must like Kulick. She's just been invited to the women in history gala on Monday at the White House.

"The PBA Tour said the White House had called them looking for my number and they'd be calling me, and not to hang up because it's not a prank," Kulick says. "So I'm going!"

People -- not just bowling fans -- are starting to realize what an eyeball-rattling accomplishment Kulick pulled off, unprecedented in American ball sports.

"Since the article, I've gotten like 75 hits on Facebook," she says. "Everybody congratulating me."

But still no endorsement offers?


And still no boyfriend?


Which is why, at press time, Kulick still didn't have a date to the White House event.

Anybody want to be part of history?

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