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Before we get to this first mailbag, I want to shoutout to D-Bowe, Dwayne Bowe. Keep doing what you doing.

I'd also like to shout out to my man Dwayne Mitchell. He was on the practice squad with the Lakers and he just got cut. He comes from my hometown and he's just a little bit younger than me. He finally got his break and now it's over. I just saw him when I was out there in LA and he had his head on right. I told him, Don't party. Don't get it twisted, man. And he said he wasn't, and that he wouldn't. We talked about Kobe and how he doesn't party—that he doesn't ever party, and how that's how you've got to do it if you want to make it. He knew that. He was living by that. And then he got an injury and they put him on a plane to get surgery. When he got off the plane he got a phone call to never come back. I can't even imagine what he's going through right now, but I wanted him to know that I support him. Keep your head up.

Speaking of Kobe, to those teams overseas trying to get him and LeBron: thank you for stirring up the financial situation in the NBA. With the money these guys make—the team, the arenas and the league—Kobe and LeBron deserve to be making that kind of cash over here. But as it is, with the salary cap, these superstar NBA players sign with all these shoe companies and tons of other brands so they can make the kind of money that baseball players get, and that's a little strange.

The NBA season is long enough already. When is their off-season? When is the time for them to focus on the other things they want to do with their life and spend time with their families? And if you get one of these big clubs overseas offering one of these guys $150 million for three years? Absolutely, take it. Hell, Kobe already speaks a trillion languages, so it wouldn't be new for him. LeBron should really go 'cause he's got so much time. He could spend three years over there and come back $150 million dollars richer. Who wouldn't take that? Come, on. The NBA better get it together or else they're going to lose some marquee players, and it's going to hurt bad.

Last, before I get to these questions, I gotta say one more thing about the Dodgers and Phillies. I want to commend Manny. In that last game, when they were down a trillion runs and a zillion games, and everybody in the world was against Manny, wanting to see him go down, and even the commentators forgot to tell you what the pitch was because they're too busy talking about Manny and controversy, that boy goes up there and hits one out. He was still the first Dodger to score. He tried to put the whole team on his back, but as one man, you can only do so much with the bat in your hands. So Manny Ramirez, you are my hero. And that's all I want to say about that.

Now let's get to it.

Rich, NYC
Wayne, what'd you think of your first baseball game?

My first baseball game was nothing less than amazing. They made me take the players entrance and stuff, and I wasn't expecting none of that. They had the jersey there waiting for me with my name on it. I have a real specific hat size and they actually had that hat size for me. They gave me a suite and cooked for me—whatever I wanted. I'm a big cotton candy fan and they brought tons of cotton candy for me. It was crazy. Hulk Hogan even came by to say what's up. I didn't get to meet none of the players, but it probably wouldn't have been good anyway trying to meet them after they just lost. I was upset that they lost, 'cause it was my first game being there. Of course, I'm a Red Sox fan, and there were some Red Sox fans in the audience and they got booed. I'd like to let them know that I was on their side. I was wearing a Rays jersey, but I'd like to let them know that they gave me that jersey.

I was wondering … If the Yankees sign Manny Ramirez in the off-season, being that you are a Red Sox fan and a Manny fan, would you show love to the Yankees?

No. Not at all.

Alain, New York
Being the avid sports fan you are, have you considered ownership or business affiliation on any level? If so, what organizations come to mind?

My main priority is to somehow become more established in the world of sports, period. Whether it's owning a team or whatever, we'll have to see what happens. I want to be viewed by the way I participate in sports and by how much I participate. Now that doesn't necessarily mean I have to buy a team to participate. There are lots of other ways.

Weezy- I gotta know what your stance is on NASCAR. Do you ever watch it/pay attention to the season? I mean come on, those drivers deserve some respect for what they can do with an automobile.

I actually do watch NASCAR. I have the channel where you can sit and ride shotgun with the driver. I love to listen to it, 'cause they cuss all day. I love NASCAR, I'm not an avid fan, but I'm trying to become a bigger fan now that I've got this blog and I'm more involved with sports period. I'm a big fan of Dale Earnhardt, and an even bigger fan of his son. I'm very upset that he left DEI. But that upset was suddenly erased by the happiness and the positive vibe that I see he has now with Hendrick. It reminds me of when Shaq joined with Kobe, and Kobe just had the look on his face like, you know what? We 'bout to win. Or like this year with Boston, when they added Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett. It was like, Oh my God, suddenly all those Celtics were so happy to play the game. That's what I'm seeing right now with Dale Earnhardt, and I like that.

Jack, Glen Ridge
Weezy baby, just wondering what you think about the Knicks this year. I know you're an NBA fan, so you gotta have some input about the NY team, right?

I think they should do good. Not OK, not great, but good. Why? Mike D'Antoni, and you know how that guy runs his offense. Gotta score within seven seconds, and that's exciting. If he gets to work over those players right there, I'm betting on his scheme and the way he coaches to say that there's no way an unsuccessful team could come out of that. Also, I gotta give a shout out right here. I love the move they made naming my hometown dude Chris Duhon the starting point guard over Stephon Marbury. He is like, the man at home, and I just want him to know I'm pulling for him. So shout out to Chris Duhon, you're the man.

Matt, Jamesburg, NJ
Who do you think will be the next superstar in the NFL who is kind of under the radar right now?

Words mean a lot to me. That word to me—superstar—that is very big. First of all, my example of a superstar right now in the NFL is Peyton Manning, then probably Tom Brady and then Ben Roethlisberger. Those are superstars, because those guys are players who willed their teams to the title, and when they did it they were so dominant. So, who do I look at as potential superstars? I'd say, first off, Adrian Peterson. Then after that, as far as guys who might be a little under the radar? Larry Fitzgerald, Roy Williams and Chris Johnson.

NBA Rookie of the Year? Who you got? Michael Beasley, Greg Oden, Derrick Rose or OJ Mayo?

I'm a Beasley fan. He's straight up. He's real. He plays with emotion and drive and physicality. He gets to where he needs to be on the court. And when he gets to his spot, if he's not gonna shoot it in your face man, he's gonna dunk it in your face. And if he's not gonna dunk it in your face he's gonna dish it to the next man. There's not a player in the game like Michael Beasley. His upper body strength is amazing. He could play center. I don't know if people know that, but that kid could play center. Also, if you look at the situation he's been put in, he's been put over here with the Heat—with Dwyane Wade and all those guys. No matter what anyone says, that team is a building team with something to prove. And that kid is a building kid with something to prove. So I'll go with Beasley.

Mike, DC
What up Weezy. What do you think about the Redskins start and how Coach Z and Jason Campbell are doing together?

First of all, Jason Campbell is on my fantasy team and he does wonders for me every week, so I love him. I love what the team is doing over there, too. Clinton Portis is amazing. Nobody on the other side of the field has the drive that he has, and that's why they can't stop him. I love his enthusiasm off and on the field, but that's another story. I also love the history of the Redskins. I've always enjoyed that, so it kind of makes me an automatic fan. I love Art Monk, Darrell Green, guys like that. That's a proud franchise.

Why does Pacman have a bodyguard he thinks he can beat up? Cut out the middleman. He needs huge men who he would never approach.

I think Pacman's bodyguard should be himself. Your bodyguard is there to check someone. A bodyguard is there to make sure everything is in order. A bodyguard's supposed to make sure everything is safe. A bodyguard is supposed to make sure everything is taken care of. So, with that said, I believe that he should be that bodyguard to himself. He should be making sure that everything is straight with himself. I don't like to judge and I also don't like to think I know what's going on with another person's situation, but I would love to say that I think right now what he needs most is his team. That's it.

Eddy, San Diego
Whose gonna win the AFC West Weezy?! Tell me San Diego can bounce back.

I'm sorry Eddy. I can't tell you San Diego is gonna bounce back. They're not gonna win the AFC West. I'm taking Denver. I'm gonna stick with that boy Jay Cutler and that rocket that he has for an arm.

Dan-4rm, Santa Ana, CA
How far do you see the Hornets going this year? And do you think Chandler is going to have success, or is he doing to suck like he did with the Bulls? I'm a Lakers fan and I don't see anyone competing with us next year.

This is a touchy subject for me. Probably the touchiest in all of sports. I'm tearing up as I think about it now. As you guys know, the Hornets are from my hometown, and Chris Paul and Kobe are my boys. When they play each other, I just sit there. I don't know what to do. When the Hornets score, I scream. When Kobe scores, I scream. One one of those teams will make the Western Conference finals, but I can't answer who that will be. I have no answer. It's just too touchy for me. It's too upsetting to think about one team not making it.

As far as Tyson Chandler goes, no way he's gonna have an off-year. Those days are way behind him. He's a great player. He's one of the rare guys who came out of high school years ago who made it and is still amazing and just getting better. It's really scary to say, but his opponents can't stop him. The only thing that can stop him is his health. But if he stays injury-free, and he remembers to get out of the key every three seconds, he'll be unstoppable.

Trevor, Marysville, CA
Lil Wayne, why is a goon nothing compared to a goblin? And are the raiders the Goons of the NFL and the Titans the Goblins?

Let's say you're a goon. Well, what's a goon to a goblin? Nothing. They're the same thing. So are the Raiders goons and the Titans the goblins? No, because the Titans are having an amazing year and the Raiders have been not so amazing. If you're going for a goons and goblins reference, I would say if you're calling Oakland goons I would use Jacksonville or St. Louis as goblins. Or if you want, to use the Titans as goons, the Giants would be your goblins. You gotta pick teams that are on the same page when you making that analogy.

What do you think about soccer?

I'm a fan, actually. My favorite teams are Real Madrid and Barcelona, of course. I also like Chelsea. Oh, and I like Arsenal.

John, Tampa
If the Rays win the World Series, will you make it to the celebration?

I'm almost obligated. I feel like I believed in them when nobody did and that helped them get there. (Just kiddin'). I'd love to get there, though. My experience at that first game was so amazing, Oh my God. More cowbell. More cowbell, more cowbell.

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