Pedroia's MVP Song

Red Sox 2B Dustin Pedroia is now officially the AL MVP -- and Mike & Mike honored him in their own unique way. Watch

Updated: November 19, 2008, 11:22 AM ET

Dustin Pedroia may be named the AL MVP Tuesday afternoon. In his honor, last week, Greeny presented the Dustin Pedroia MVP song -- and Scotty and the staff danced to it -- but there was one small problem with the song. Watch the song and dance

The photo from the dance was priceless -- We asked for captions for it and you delivered. Keep them coming -- join in the conversation page by clicking "comment" or e-mail the show at

Here are some of our favorite captions for the photo:

"Hey Scotty, shouldn't we be getting back to the wedding party?" "One More lap i say, this time lets go through the bull pen" --Don

"He no big Paaaaapi!" --Don

"The gnome fights off A-Rod in a duel with bats and is knighted by city of Boston." --James in Valdosta, Georgia

"Okay guys -- we'll drop him on 3, 2, 1..." --Kermit in Bethlehem, PA

"When Mike and Mike told me I was elected chairman, this was NOT what I had in mind." --Kermit in Bethlehem, PA

"Carry on, my wayward son." --Terry in Tipp City, Ohio

"Do we drop the chair on three or when he says 'Hey?'" --Chuck in Point Lookout, NY

"I never thought I could achieve my childhood dream of Red Sox Ruler. Now bring me the head of Hank Steinbrenner!" --Chuck in Point Lookout, NY

"Which one of you is the bride again?" --Chuck in Point Lookout, NY

"I heard this was how all the great producers got started." --Chuck in Point Lookout, NY

"We eat Quiche!" --Eric in Port Washington, WI

"The Gnome on his Throne." --David in Roanoke Rapids, NC

"Something that was almost funny." --D.J. in Riverside, CA

"Scotty Shapiro signed as catcher by Red Sox for 100 million over six years; Mike and Mike staff celebrate." --James in Valdosta, Georgia

A must-have for Golic at the next ND game: "'So the seat automatically elevates so that all those people wandering the stadium don't block your view, and the bat simply says, 'Hey you! Take off that stupid hat!'" --Richard in Gallatin, TN

"Wow, so this is what it feels like to be tall!" --Jeff in Hampton Beach, NH

"Well, the boss told us to take this chair and whoever is in it to the dumpster out back." --Tim in Waukegan, IL

"I'm the king of the world!" --Adam in Columbia, SC

"From here I can see Greeny's combover!" --Joaquin in Bristol

"What Golic's thinking -- 'Why am I working with crazy people?" -Trevor in Ossining, NY

"Hey guys -- the batter's box is that way." --Jonathan

"Greeny: 'Why didn't I do this with a Jets jersey at my wedding!'" --Big in CT

"The gnome finally gets to see things the way Golic does and wishes he could be big too." --Kevin in Seymour, CT

Dustin Pedroia/Kevin Youkilis gets married to a tall fat man and a short psychopath. --Cole in Karns City, PA

"And the Red Sox clubhouse rejoiced when Youkilis finally slapped Manny." --Justin in Warwick, RI

"I am the gnome and I never roam alone!" --Jocelyn in Pittsburgh

"Greeny said i would get a raise if the Jets won." --Steven in Arnold, MD

"And I knight you SIR Jacoby Ellsbury." --Justin

"Nice shoes." --Michael in North Augusta, SC

"I know Greeny is happy about the Jets, but you think he's serious about being next on the chair? My arms hurt man!" --Steve in Glendora, CA

For the first and last time in his life, Scotty Shapiro is on top of the world! --Scott in West Des Moines, IA

"Hey, I can see the NFL Network from up here!" --Bill in Stroudsburg, PA

"World's smallest man freed and carried to safety." -- J.R. in mansfield

"I am the King of all of Bean Town. Bring me all of your finest meats and cheeses, and Pot Roast." -- Dan

"And all of Boston cheered, for The Littlest Red Sock had just drawn the walk that won them the division." --Johnny from Cleveland, OH

"Seriously, is this the only way left to get more seats in Fenway?" --Kyle's iPhone

"This way to Boston! Provided by Travelocity." --Tim in Louisville, KY

"I love the way they call me 'Small Papi.'" --Phillip in Chesapeake, VA

"Thank God this isn't Golic." --Pete