Fantasy Focus: The Board

Matt and Nate go at it in their Fantasy Focus Baseball Podcast, wagering on whether or not different players will hit certain acheivements, and everything else you can possibly put a wager on.

Updated: September 29, 2008, 1:52 PM ET

"Put it on the board!" Those are the words of Nate Ravitz and Matthew Berry every time they make a wager on the Fantasy Focus Baseball Podcast. You can use this page to track the wagers all season long. E-mail the show at that's .. to connect with the guys. Who knows? Maybe your question will inspire the next wager.

Date Wager Matt Nate Winner
3/8 Better Year: Johan Santana vs Erik Bedard Bedard Santana Nate
4/3 Brian Wilson still closing on May 2nd Yes No Matt
4/10 Scott Downs gets five saves by the end of the year Yes No Matt
4/11 Mike Napoli vs. Ryan Doumit Napoli Doumit Nate
4/18 Jeff Francis vs. Ervin Santana Santana Francis Matt
4/18 Jeff Francis vs. Ubaldo Jimenez Jimenez Francis Matt
4/28 200 Innings for John Smoltz Over Under Nate
5/12 Johnny Cueto to the minors by June 1st No Yes Matt
5/12 Ludwick hits 25HRs Over Under Matt
5/12 Dave Bush vs. Barry Zito (5/12) Zito Bush VOID
5/22 Joba starts by June 15 After Before Nate
5/23 Andrew Miller's ERA 4.00 (5/23 - End of Season) Under Over Nate
6/3 Teixeira hits 40HRs Over Under Nate
6/3 Fielder hits 40HRs Over Under Nate
6/6 Matt will win most of the bets Yes No N/A
6/19 More HRs for the rest of the season Jason Giambi Carlos Pena Nate
6/26 Better Year Here on out Wandy Rodriguez Chad Billingsley Nate
7/2 Edinson Volquez 3.5 ERA here on out Under Over Nate
7/3 Foot Race: Baseline to Baseline to Baseline I win I win N/A
7/9 Rick Ankiel Hits 38.5 HRs Over Under Nate
7/17 Better Year here on out Justin Duchsherer Josh Beckett Nate
7/17 Better Year here on out Dustin Pedroia Howie Kendrick Matt
7/30 Better Year here on out Teixeira Morneau Matt
8/4 Ludwick hits 40HRs Over Under Nate
8/7 Oswalt Wins Tonight Yes No Matt
8/22 No Mets Reliever gets 5 saves from here on out False True Matt
9/8 Nick Markakis will be a top 10 fantasy player within the next four years No Yes N/A
Current Score 10 13