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Matt and Nate go at it in their Fantasy Focus Football Podcast, wagering on whether or not different players will hit certain acheivements, and everything else you can possibly put a wager on.

Updated: January 19, 2009, 9:51 PM ET
By Matt Restivo (Keeper Of The Board) | A Special to

"Put it on the board!" Those are the words of Nate Ravitz and Matthew Berry every time they make a wager on the Fantasy Focus Football Podcast. You can use this page to track the wagers all season long. E-mail the show at that's Will there be an epic Bush Zito gate for football this year? Only time will tell...

8/1Better YearJason CampbellEli ManningNate
8/1Better yearDavid GarrardJay CutlerNate
8/4Better yearBrandon MarshallSteve SmithNate
8/7Better yearJake DelhommeEli ManningNate
8/7Marion Barber will finish 32 points higher than Marshawn LynchNoYesMatt
8/8Antwaan Randle El scores at least 5 TDsYesNoMatt
8/13Better year (by total points)Big BenCarson PalmerMatt
8/133 TEs score more fantasy points than Dallas ClarkNoYesMatt
8/13Better yearJonathan StewartDeAngelo WilliamsNate
8/13Better year (Provided neither player is traded or otherwise ends up on another team)Ricky WilliamsRonnie BrownNate
8/28Better fantasy value at end of yearSteven Jackson (w/ Podvader)Marion BarberMatt
9/2Total fantasy points at end of yearKenny WatsonChris PerryNate
9/2Who will finish with a better record in Pick 'em?My MomMy MomNate
9/4Steve Smith is a top 10 WR from Week 3 onNoYesNate
9/8Better yearDeSean JacksonEddie RoyalNate
9/8Total points from Week 2 onMatt CasselTarvaris JacksonMatt
9/18Bernard Berrian finishes the year as a top 25 WRNoYesNate
9/26Larry Johnson will be a Top 20 running back this week. (Week 4)NoYesNate
9/26Who will have a better week this week. (Week 5)Matt JonesMarvin HarrisonNate
10/3Ryan Grant gains 100 yards.YesNoNate
10/3Better week 5.Matt ForteSteve SlatonNate
10/3Who hates Cedric Benson more?MeMeMatt
10/6Better QB the rest of the wayEliPeytonNate
10/10Peyton is a top 10 fantasy QB in week 6.FalseTrueNate
10/13Steven Jackson is a top 10 Fantasy RB (Starting in Week 7, Week 7!)He isHe is notNate
11/3Michael Turner is a Top 10 RB (Starting Week 10)NoYesNate
11/12Better Week 11Peyton HillisTatum BellMatt
11/17Better week 12 on outDonnie AveryTorry HoltNate
11/18Better week 12 on outKyle OrtonEli ManningMatt
11/25More Fantasy Points the rest of the yearBilly Miller (+5)Jeremy Shockey (-5)Matt
12/4Marshawn Lynch will finish the whole season as a Top 10 RBYesNoNate
12/4David Garrard or Gus Ferrote will outscore Donovan McNabb in Week 14YesNoNate
12/4Davone Bess or Deion Branch will outscore T.J. Houshmanzadeh in Week 14YesNoMatt
12/5Torry Holt +/- 7.5 points this weekMinusPlusMatt
12/8More fantasy points from Week 15 onSelvin YoungTatum BellNate


  • Starphania Bell has wagered that Marvin Harrison will play at least 16 games this season, Matt disagrees.
  • Matt believes his Mom will have a better Pick'Em entry than Jeremy Green after Week 5.
  • Podvader believes he will be ahead of Matt's Mom in Pick'Em the Tuesday after Week 6.
  • Nate says Eli will not take a snap in the second half of week 17
  • Podvader vs. Company Woman Amanda

    The two putrid entries of the Man's League square off head to head the rest of the season.

    WeekPodvaderCompany Woman AmandaWinner
    Week 786129Company Woman
    Week 8102119Company Woman
    Week 97955Podvader
    Week 1010951Podvader
    Week 117686Company Woman
    Week 1210295Podvader
    Week 1311891Podvader
    Week 14104128Company Woman
    Week 159089PodVader
    Week 16 - -
    Week 17 - -