Bob Myers joins The Vertical Podcast

Golden State Warriors general manager Bob Myers joins Adrian Wojnarowski on the the Vertical Podcast with Woj. In the aftermath of the Warriors historic comeback in the Western Conference Finals. Myers discusses the inner-workings of the franchise's dramatic series victory over Oklahoma City, including a lengthy conversation on the uniqueness of Stephen Curry as a franchise player and the behind-the-scenes detail on how he leads the organization. Myers talks about the forging of his bond with coach Steve Kerr, and how they navigated Kerr's back injury that caused him to miss a significant portion of the regular season. Myers talks about his reaction to owner Joe Lacob's comments that the Warriors are "light-years" ahead of the rest of the NBA, how his front-office peers league-wide reacted to it. Myers discusses the impact of the Warriors record-breaking 73 victory regular season, and the pressure it put onto the team in the playoffs.