30for30+: 'Rodman: For Better or Worse'

Former NBA player Dennis Rodman is known for his wild, cross-dressing fashion sense, famous girlfriends, and public antics, including attempts at "Basketball Diplomacy" with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. But the roots of Rodman's unique persona are more of an enigma. The new 30 for 30 film 'Rodman: For Better or Worse,' unravels the mystery and reveals how he became a cultural trailblazer. Director Todd Kapostasy sits down with Jody Avirgan to discuss what the film has uncovered and whether Rodman will ever settle into a "normal life." | 'Rodman: For Better of Worse' and the entire 30 for 30 archive is available exclusively on our streaming service ESPN+: es.pn/2shPit7 | You can find our original audio docs at 30for30podcasts.com