Snoop Dogg Edition

Dan Dakich and Seth Greenberg lead off with Snoop Dogg's wild performance at Kansas and express incredulity at Kansas backpedalling and apologizing for the show. Next, the guys get into Mike Krzyzewski's strong endorsement of the Fair Pay to Play Act (9:49).Then the guys move onto some hoops, diving into the Big Ten to preview Maryland (13:53), Michigan State (15:21), Indiana (18:15) and Purdue (21:11). They also take stock on potential breakout teams in Michigan, Penn State and Rutgers (22:47), and look at the big questions surrounding Northwestern, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota (26:03). Later, Dan and Seth dig into the ACC, previewing Duke (30:59), North Carolina (32:29), Virginia (32:18), Louisville (37:20), Florida State (40:04), Notre Dame (42:39), N.C. State (43:31), Pitt (45:06), Virginia Tech (45:55) and Syracuse (47:55). They close with Dan reading Andrew Dakich's texts about Ohio State (50:12).