Transcript: Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry joins Mike & Mike

Updated: March 14, 2017, 5:28 PM ET
Mike & Mike

Listen: Golden State Warriors guard Steph Curry joins Mike & Mike

Editor's note: Below is an unedited automated transcript of the Steph Curry interview with Mike & Mike.

Steph appreciate you being with us what it what's been your reaction to sort of the kerfuffle for lack of a better term that seem to people seem to be very upset that Steve corrected you and some other players against Spurs on Saturday . Honestly I haven't thought about R.D.S. thought a little bit before just our coaches job is to put us as a team in the best position to be healthy to be fresh and ready for. You know we're here for a playoff run so. As players we never go to coast. You know I need tonight off type situation. He basically made a decision for us. And then you go with it. So I was in a stand here because it is from a fast employer and you know over eighty games I think can happen but you know we were trying to be the end game that's a bottom line. So I'm completely agree with you on that front from last season when you set the regular season record to this season. What's been has there been a difference in mentality you were chasing that last year. You got it didn't get the championship obviously so that's always the goal but as far as the regular season this year. How has if at all the mentality change from last year to this year movement that isn't saying much. We want to win every game we play and obviously we. We didn't have a better job than the regular season last year but we have such a. Confident groove that we understand exactly who we are as a team what our strengths are. I was going to the best come playoff time. It's a little uncomfortable right now because you're not used to losing. You know a couple games in a row here and there but you know the goal for us the last sixteen games that we have. You know we want to try to get better. Obviously the was the subs and we still have a mind set on. But this is a little more of a rollercoaster ride this isn't the Raiders the . And that's OK because we experience everything from the regular seaso . We want to make sure we're ready for main engine . Stuff we've been talking a little bit about what we watch on television. I've been watching billions lately I watch fixer upper . We've been talking about some of these Alaskan . You know Alaska Bushman shows what do you watch in your spare time and a great question. I'm actually just you have to give me a lead on that Jay . My wife got me on shift on Netflix actually which is . Well that's good . Yes . Out of the wash . If you're hungry. So you started billions are you on the first season a billion so you're getting caught up that way fresh like thing or if episode is a long way to go. We won't say anything then you'll love it . Oh well it's terrible when Paul Giamatti kicks characterize No I'm kidding . He says that doesn't happen always done it doesn't happen but that's one of the great. That's where the great things about technology is binge watch Yeah you know you have the right way to use you can use a feed yourself until you're like glutted with this great T.V. show is there anything you do you have been watched before now . Like where you know I was a breaking bad guy I couldn't I couldn't get away from it is there anything you've you've been to watch . Before this I think that me a while to get into the game of thrones been watching them. So I'm ready for chill I sixteenth. Oh yeah . See that's the problem Steph they have to wait for winter I don't wait on winter to actually shoots o normally we're ready for a drink Carice right about right around April and now we got to wait till July the wait is killing me . It is literally killing me . I'm glad we're covering all the important topics we have this new horn people going to remember this more than sitting sitting out on why the marathon unit do the fun stuff is the most important thing you remember speaking of fun stuff you turn twenty nine tomorrow what are you going to give yourself for a birthday present . A good question . Hopefully a win I guess Philly and then we get a day off the next day so maybe go play some golf or something . Yeah yeah we know you do that pretty well as well . So we know your golf game is good . Where are you now in your basketball game from beginning of season and now certainly in a long season there's ads and flows where your game right now . Of obviously want to make some more shots but the cough is obviously never waned as you go through the regular season you said there's going to be ups and downs it's going to be . You know different situations you kind of got to be patient with as you go through the year and this is our third go around chasing as a vicious So the patience is most right now before me first . You know kind of the work I've been put into the regular season and . Just what my body is healthy was going into this final stretch . You know that is pretty confident . The fourth official from the mentality of a player talking to Steph Curry warriors garden last seven games twenty four percent from three point range . Does that does that make you hesitate at all in your play or in your shot or from the mental side of it is if I continue to do exactly what I'm doing and shoot . I know there's a reason you go for eleven and a game confidence . It's a target rich environment . Exactly . I'm assuming a way out of it . Whatever kind of down down think yeah . That's your suit or suiton the team a guy comments to me I got caught in the stuff every So I think F. and I get ago . When I want a make and you know that's that's kind of the mentality every day U.K. Kavi has really done this for . The stuff a disservice and yet on the floor . You have started think about just that or a chair that they get into . Stuff are you are you the best golfer among active N.B.A. players all Gerald Henderson disputes that when I when I make that claim it is a county by hang with the only golf course that's active . I don't think I know just a guy game and want to . Take that crown . With confidence . That's the shooter's mentality right there it is again Steph Curry joins us with degree deodorants new three sixty video and on court look at the work that he puts in during his practice and training you can experience Steph Curry motion in three sixty eight youtube dot com slash degree men the confidence is great to have but Steph you guys are dealing with something that you haven't had in a long time you've lost three in a row for the first time since November of two thousand and thirteen. How does the team get out of this funk . It's crazy how the narrative is like this is something that every N.B.A. team goes to the some point we just have been immune to . it The last two years the cat had to have a perspective like . You know we're still first in the conference we got sixteen games to lock that. It's OK we're going through right now . There' s no panic and any of the guys in our locker room . Just you know they will get a nice stretch of the schedule coming up with home games that we need to take advantage of you know energy back and that is a be something hopefully that washes over really quick with without play as we get back to back to Oracle. As far as toward the end of the season and the number one seed I know as you said your players and Steve Kerr makes the decisions but certainly you guys can have conversations with him. How important how how much should you play for that number one seed as opposed to if you wanted to arrest you obviously injuries a different situation but where are you with that number one seed and how important it is . MS doesn't pour in the does the Suns and there they can have in the playoffs that you'd rather be had honed in on the road . And again seven situations . You know for us our job as players we can't think too much about the end game is more just what's happening now . And if we take care of business at home . The rest of the way I'm pretty confident we can control our own destiny . When it comes to locking up the once even. You know in a day still going to play . We've learned a figure of play at your best in the playoffs really no easy way to achieve a shift so we want to do us the biggest favor and get us of on court advantage . If for some reason didn't happen very often and out of thirty two . We'll see how the end of the season plays out And of course we're getting ready for tournaments time when it was in the Tournament two thousand and eight where Steph Curry became a household name averaging thirty two points per game in the tournament and route to taking Davidson to the Elite eight as a ten seed Steph we appreciate you being with us . Happy birthday tomorrow and my hope for you on your birthday is that you'll have half as much fun as it looks like you are having playing with Justin Timberlake and Alfonso Ribeiro at the American I D.V.R. the last part of that you guys look like you are having more fun than humans should be allowed to have that day . I would agree that they were priced at a record along this one part three zero seven to play with . This . But it seemed like you guys dealt with it right there . OK . He certainly did . Steph we appreciate you being with us. Yes sir thank you guys.