Colin Cowherd's Combine: Shuttle Run

Updated: March 17, 2009, 12:29 PM ET
The Herd at

The fastest shuttle run time at the combine was 3.98 seconds. The slowest was 4.65 seconds. How close would Colin get to either number? Watch the video above and read Todd McShay's breakdown below. Be sure to comment and let Colin know what you think of his latest combine effort.

Todd McShay, draft expert:

"The 20-yard shuttle shows an athlete's lateral quickness. It's all about change-of-direction skills. Does Colin's time of 4.91 seconds stack up to that of an NFL prospect? No. Not even close. But how is a fine-tuned athlete like Colin supposed to work under these conditions?

Where's Colin's agent? That's the real question here.

He's running on a hardwood floor and has no room to finish strong through the final cone. There's also speculation the gigantic mirror slowed him down, but that's neither here nor there.

The buzz in NFL scouting circles is that Colin will trim nearly a half second off his shuttle time when he runs on a much faster track during his Pro Day workout."