Cowherd's Combine: 40-yard dash

Updated: March 17, 2009, 12:28 PM ET
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Two years ago, Colin lost an epic 40-yard dash to Wacky FM DJ Fisch -- and pulled his hamstring in the process. (Watch the classic race.) How would Colin do when the combine turned to the dash? Would he redeem himself? Watch the video above and read Todd McShay's breakdown below. Be sure to comment and let Colin know what you think of his latest combine effort.

Todd McShay, draft expert:

"From Darrell Green to Bo Jackson to Deion Sanders, there's always debate regarding who owns the NFL scouting combine's fastest 40-yard dash time.

Let's face it -- nobody was expecting Colin to wedge himself into that argument. But I will say this -- Colin's 40-time of 5.03 seconds vastly exceeds expectations.

Plus, this is Bristol, CT in February, people. We're talking 30-degree temperatures. It's hardly the 39-yard fast-track that Ohio State stars have set records on for years. And no offense to Trainer Mike, but it doesn't appear that Colin spent much time at Chuck Smith's speed camp in preparation.

LSU's Herman Johnson ran the slowest 40-time at this year's combine. He ran it in 5.86 seconds. Colin flat-out blew that time away. In fact, Colin ran a faster 40 time than 77 prospects at this year's combine, including Ball State QB Nate Davis and Fresno State TE Bear Pascoe.

Remember, it's not how you start. It's how you finish. And with a strong showing on the bench press tomorrow, Colin can really give scouts something to think about."