Herd Approved

Herd Approved

Updated: May 7, 2009, 9:36 AM ET
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Jack Guez/AFP/Getty ImagesColin just loves the Wii.

Colin tested. Herd approved. Here are Colin's top recommendations. (Newest ones at the top!)

  • Added April 27: Thrilla in Manila: Great documentary on HBO -- even if you don't like boxing.

  • Man on Wire: As good a documentary as I have seen in my life.

  • Slum Dog Millionaire: Great movie making. Very emotional.

  • Religulous: Bill Maher movie. Really makes you think.

  • The Sham-Wow: You've seen the commercials. Does it really work? Yes, we tried it out live on the air in studio.

  • The Counter: Great burger joint in Hartford, CT based out of California.

  • "Cocaine Cowboys:" "An unbelieve show on drug smuggling. I could not believe what Miami was like in the '60s or '70s."

  • Link: How not to use the drive-thru ATM

  • The HBO documentary Dare to Dream: "Documentary on the Mia Hamm-led USA women's soccer team. I forgot how big this game was to the American women."

  • Any column by Norman Chad: "He's the funniest guy in print and anytime you can read one of his columns, he always delivers. First ballot Hall of Famer."

  • Nintendo Wii: "Great for exercising. Great fun with your kids and even adults.I recently played for two hours with my daughter and had a blast. I highly recommend the skiing and bowling games!"

  • "Hacking Democracy:" "On Demand movie. An interesting 90-minute watch about the way we count votes in America."

  • Maps.live.com: "If you have nothing else to do, plan on spending two or three hours at this site."

  • Feature on Mike Coolbaugh from "Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel" on HBO: "Bring your tissues. This one is a tear-jerker. It really makes you evaluate what's important in life."

  • Vizio: I only endorse products that I really use and there's nothing better than a great college football game in HD on a Vizio.

  • The movie The Bank Job: "I'm a sucker for British movies and this really delivers."

  • "UCLA Dynasty" (HBO special, on Demand): "It's a well-crafted hour-long look at basketball, race, tensions over Vietnam on campus."

  • The London: "Hotel in New York with two of my qualifications for hotel: a great gym and a bar."

  • U2 3D: "Three of my buddies said this was incredible."

  • Puffs tissues with Vicks: Colin says it "was a Godsend for me during my recent sickness. I just put the tissue near my nose and my sinuses cleared up."

  • "The King of Kong - a Fist Full of Quarters:" Colin calls it "a documentary by ESPN's own Ed Cunningham is thought provoking with a great story and great conflict."

  • The Oscar-nominated movie "Michael Clayton." As Colin puts it, an "intense, smart, thick plot. Great ending."