Nine things to know about Title IX

Kate Fagan explains nine little known facts as Title IX celebrates 45 years since being passed.

Words need to become actions for the NCAA

Andrea Adelson

The NCAA says it's committed to changing the culture on college campuses and making them safer for women. That goal was not met in the punishment handed down to Louisville and coach Rick Pitino for his role in a sex scandal. Read more ...

Title IX 45th Anniversary: WNBA Title IX Roundtable

Holly Rowe hosts a roundtable with Rebecca Lobo, LaChina Robinson and Chamique Holdslaw to discuss the impact Title IX has had on their careers and the influence it has within the WNBA and women's basketball.

Free Cookies podcast: Warning: Explicit cookies

23 hours ago

Kate Fagan and Kathryn Budig discuss their career game-changers and consider an International Cookie List. Plus, they are joined by the plant-based duo behind Thug Kitchen and Candice Kumai, the Queen of Wellness, gets real over a literal plate of free cookies.