Counter Calories with these 6 products


Carve out a little time to pick up some helpful tools to keep you happy and healthy during your holiday feast.

With plates piled high with food that can total more than 3,000 calories, Thanksgiving is the biggest eating day of the year. The average person -- without even trying too hard -- can consume enough fat to equal three sticks of butter. Thanksgiving comes around once a year, so go ahead and splurge on the mashed potatoes and gravy, but keep things in check with these gadgets and apps to ward off the extra weight.

Nike Free Hyperfeel shoes

Headed out of town? Pack a pair of lightweight sneakers like the Nike Free Hyperfeel so you can go for a run prior to your meal. Once the tryptophan kicks in, you won't want to do anything, so create a calorie deficit in the morning. The Hyperfeel is a flexible, low-profile shoe with padding and protection only where necessary. Its Lunarlon insole with flex grooves provides a cushiony locked-in feel while the ultrathin waffle outsole offers traction with lugs designed to match the foot's interaction with the ground. Price: $175

Lotus yoga folding mat

Stress can cause overeating, snacking and sleeplessness, all things that will bump up the calorie count. Think about taking in a yoga class -- many studios will offer one Thanksgiving morning -- or do your own variation at home or on the go. This 3-millimeter mat quickly folds for storage -- unlike traditional rolled mats -- for total portability. It has a two-sided textured, non-slip surface for a focused, effective practice no matter where you are. Price: $14


This electronic fork is the equivalent of a calorie coach -- and is designed to keep you from shoveling in food too fast. Friends and family might give you some quizzical looks when you take out this Bluetooth-enabled smart fork that lights up and vibrates if you're eating quickly. Slow down the pace, and you consume fewer calories. Download the HAPIfork app (for iOS or Android) and pair it with your smartphone to get your eating stats in real time. Price: $100

Nerf Weather Blitz All Conditions football

Play football rather than watch it on TV. A game of touch football (sprinting, passing, blocking) or even just a friendly toss after the holiday meal is an ideal way to get everyone off the couch and torching calories while having fun. This Nerf pigskin packs a pop of color (available in either orange or green), has a weather-resistant surface, and features finger grips so game day goes on no matter what the forecast. Price: $13

Food Tripping app

Don't fall into the dreaded drive-through trap when you're heading to Aunt Edna's house. This GPS-based app -- a collaborative effort from and Ford Motor Company -- helps you steer clear of the regular roadside ruts and finds fast-food alternatives wherever you are. It locates the nearest eateries, juice joints, farmers markets, organic coffee shops and other healthy options. Users are encouraged to share their hidden gems to build the expanding database of options. The app is available for both iOS and Android. Price: Free

MyFitnessPal calorie counter

This easy-to-use app (for iOS or Android) lets you set a daily calorie goal and then monitors food consumption and exercise in one place. The smartphone app synchronizes with the website so you when can make entries to either the app or the website, the other is automatically updated. There are outstanding databases for nutrition (more than 3 million foods) and fitness (over 350 cardio and strength-training exercises), so you can track what you're eating and how much you're burning. Price: Free

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