Unwrapping athletes’ wish lists

Beata Becla

Is there a new camera or a bedroom set hidden in the there?

We polled athletes to find out what they'd like to see under the tree this holiday season. Here are some responses:

Kelly Clark, snowboarding

It's super dorky, but what I'd love would be a thermostat for my house that I can control from my iPhone, like that Nest one. With my travel schedule, I'd love to be able to keep tabs and adjust my house temp, or pop the heat on when I'm on my way home. I'm pretty sure this is a sign that I'm getting old.

Richard Bord/Getty Images

Traveling and training in winter weather has Kelly Clark hopeful for a remote-controlled thermostat.

Erin Hamlin, luge

I'd really like a new puppy. I've been lobbying for one for a while and I think it's a real possibility. Or at least a puppy IOU, for when I get home after Sochi this spring.

Jessica Schultz, curling

I would love a new bedroom set. The furniture I have now is all -- much appreciated -- hand-me-downs. The drawers on the dresser are broken, the armoire hinges are barely holding on and you can't move in my bed without waking my roommate with the squeaking from the springs. Plus, I had to hoist the bed frame up on old books so it can fit into the frame.

Jessica Hardy, swimming

I am a big advocate for thoughtful, quality presents over quantity. If that means I get a thoughtful card, I'd be happy with that alone! Spending the day with people I love is all I ask for on Christmas.

John Orozco, gymnastics

What I would LOVE to find under the tree is a camera to take pictures with. I love photography and making videos of my trips overseas. Making memories is so special to me, and capturing those memories with great photos and videos is even better.

Carli Lloyd, soccer

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. As a kid I could not wait to wake up, run downstairs and see what Santa left for me under the tree. Things change the older you get, and I have realized that gifts under the tree aren't as important to me anymore. To me it's about spending time with my family and friends, baking cookies, decorating the house and tree, and listening to Christmas tunes.

John Thys/AFP/Getty Images

Simone Biles has her eye on a new phone this holiday season.

Simone Biles, gymnastics

I'd like an iPhone 5c so I can communicate with my fans and, of course, have a better camera. I'd also like a full-body mirror so I can check out my look before I step outside, and Hypnose mascara -- I need long eyelashes to bat and flirt!

Brandon Wynn, gymnastics

For my wish list I would get a new snowboard for the mountains! I just moved to Colorado so I am excited to get in some good snowboarding.

Brittany Bowe, speedskating

This is going to sound really funny, but something I would love that isn't really even tangible would be to spend a day in the life of Krewella, this electronic dance music group I really like. I love so many different genres of music and they just collaborate on so many sounds and create electrifying music -- it's something I've never experienced, and I think their lifestyle is so fast it would be cool to spend a day with them, going from venue to venue and country to country.

Hilary Knight, ice hockey

A radar detector, L.L. Bean boots, or a new coat for my dog.

Nastia Liukin, gymnastics

There isn't a particular gift that I want under my tree. The best gift this year will be to spend Christmas with my family in Colorado skiing. Since I don't live near them anymore, I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with them.

Kim Clijsters, tennis

That everybody has a happy and healthy 2014, and that everyone's wishes come true!

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