Gadgets for the future of fitness


Smart watches, smart socks, smart basketballs -- these new gadgets will help you keep track of improvements in your game.

The recent International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, or CES as insiders call it, had some of the coolest, quirkiest gadgets that will soon be headed your way. The show wasn't open to the public, but we were there and captured some of the highlights of what's hot now and what you have to look forward to this year.

Heapsylon's Sensoria Fitness Socks

Smart watches were everywhere at CES, but now there's a whole range of what's being called "wearables." Perfect for runners, early adopters or fitness enthusiasts, these high-tech socks -- with built-in sensors that detect pressure and then sync with a corresponding electronic anklet -- record podiatric data plus basics like heart rate and distance. Over time, these smart socks learn about the cadence, heel-striking habits and weight distribution of your feet. From the data gathered, which is tracked by a smartphone app, you get constructive real-time feedback to improve your run or prevent injuries.

$149; available mid-March

Voxx 360Fly action video camera

Ideal for extreme or even everyday athletes out to capture action on slopes, trails or waves, the 360Fly action video camera from Voxx does just what its name implies -- capturing a complete 360-degree video perspective in one shot. The device -- waterproof to 165 feet without the need for an external casing -- comes with special software so you can view, edit and manipulate images. The camera -- either mounted or worn -- offers picture shooters a new perspective on the action in front of them and behind them, at the same time.

$399; available in April

LG's Lifeband Touch

Everybody and their brother is engineering an activity tracker these days, but now electronics giant LG is in the game with its first model. The sleek device -- with full-touch scrolling OLED display -- features the same top-notch technology the company uses in its wow-worthy TVs and smartphones. This gadget tracks your fitness stats like time, speed, distance, steps you've taken and calories. Pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth by downloading LG's compatible app, and you get notifications on your tracker when calls or texts come in. Add in the Heart Rate Earphones (to capture metabolic rate and oxygen consumption) for the full-blown effect.

$179; available in spring

Netatmo June

It can't hurt to be sun savvy, especially if you're an avid outdoor sports lover. Ideal for those who play volleyball, softball, tennis or golf, this personalized sun protection coach could easily be mistaken for a piece of jewelry. Instead, this bracelet measures sun intensity in real time, monitors daily sun exposure and lets you know when to get some shade, apply sunscreen or put on your sunglasses via its smartphone app.

$99; available in spring

InfoMotion Sports Technologies Smart Basketball

The 94Fifty Smart Sensor indoor/outdoor regulation basketball uses point-of-force" technology to help you develop muscle memory. The ball features a small suite of nine sensors to learn your strengths and weaknesses (for players at any level), and then adapts as your game improves. It provides basic-, intermediate- and advanced-level training to help with shooting and ballhandling skills. The free app provides visual and audio voice feedback. There's even real-time scoring and leaderboards for those friendly pickup games for up to five players.

$299.95; available now

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