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About halfway through most of our Body Confidential surveys, we got some form of this comment: "Geez, these are weird questions." Hey, what do you expect? Confidential anonymously asks pro athletes -- 90* in this case, 50 men and 40 women from 21 different sports -- the really hard questions, with the promise that we'll hold on to their names if they give us the truth. In this case, that meant answering questions about everything from body odor to painkillers, with several gender-specific things like menstrual cramps and stud fees in between. The verdict? Well, next time you're wondering why your favorite athlete is having an off day, don't rule out the possibility that that amazing defender may have skimped on the deodorant that day.

-- By Aimee Berg, Patrick Cain, Anna K. Clemmons, Louise K. Cornetta, Craig Custance, Dan Friedell, Jeffrey Martin, Doug McIntyre and Stacey Pressman

Remie Geoffroi

Body talk

"I was fighting in Russia a few years ago, and not many fighters were wearing deodorant. I'm convinced they actually don't wear it on purpose. We got into a clinch once and instead of thinking about what I was going to do, the smell threw me off for about 10 seconds. You couldn't not smell it." -- Female boxer on body odor

I've been hungover a few times at practice. My focus was so high because I knew I was starting two steps behind. -- NFL player on hangovers

"I won't have sex the night before. I just don't feel like myself if I don't abstain -- I get heavy-legged." -- MLS player on abstinence

"No! Baseball and softball players need slump-busters." -- Female Olympic softball player on abstinence

"I have to call timeout and go. Once you have a baby, if you've got to go, you've got to go." -- Female Olympic softball player on No. 1 incidents

"It happened to me once at practice. You can't do much but say, 'I think I'm done for the day, Coach!'" -- Female Olympic athlete on No. 2 incidents

"One guy grabbed me and twisted, and he kept grabbing and twisting. I had to come to the sidelines and pop a squat and just let 'em hang." -- NFL player on groin grabs

"You'll see a lot more pregnant female athletes this year because it's an off year, with no Olympics. I've seen a lot more pregnant women this year." -- Female Olympic track and field athlete

*Not all athletes answered every question. Percentages are rounded. This is an expanded version of the story that appeared in the Body Issue.

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