Let's Remake More '80s Movies With All-Female Casts!

According to a report from entertainment-trade magazine Variety, an all-female version of the classic 1984 film "Ghostbusters" may be in the works. It wouldn't be a remake or even a sequel, but rather a reboot of the original concept, complete with a brand new script. Paul Feig would reportedly direct and produce, and Entertainment Weekly already suggested the leading roles should go to the trio he directed in "Bridesmaids": Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy and Maya Rudolph.

Dames fighting demons had me thinking: What other 1980s classics would benefit from an extra shot (or 12) of estrogen? And which of my favorite actresses have the stones (aka ovaries) to take on some of the most iconic roles of my childhood?

After a little digging (and a lot of nostalgic giggles) I found some blockbuster hits just begging for a fresh take. Because this is espnW, we'll lead off with a sports flick, but don't deny it, you would be first in line at the theaters to see any of these sure-fire hits.

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Susan Sarandon and Kevin Costner were perfect in "Bull Durham."

"Bull Durham"

This reboot follows the antics of an unruly women's pro soccer team in a league quickly running out of funds. After a season of discipline problems, their general manager stations them at the University of North Carolina to train, hoping to keep them under one roof and under control.

Of course, the women get into trouble with local professors and grad students, tease drooling undergrads when they jog by, and prank each other in their tiny, spartan dorm rooms. The final roster for the season will be decided by play in a series of preseason games with local squads, opposing pro teams and men's adult leagues, so the pressure is on.

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Reverse the roles, and how perfect would Hannah Simone and Idris Elba be in the reboot?

Veteran goalie Hannah Simone ("Crash Davis"/Kevin Costner) has been acquired in the offseason to help rookie Jennifer Lawrence ("'Nuke' LaLoosh"/Tim Robbins) adjust from the college game to the pro game.

Philosophy professor and deep thinker Idris Elba ("Annie Savoy"/Susan Sarandon), a regular at the university weight room, gets involved with the young, flirtatious Lawrence but it's clear the real sparks are between Simone and Elba. Coach Aisha Tyler ("Joe Riggins"/Trey Wilson), assistant coach Samantha Bee ("Larry Hockett"/Robert Wuhl) and teammates Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux are featured, as well.


"Three Men And A Baby"

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We loved Danson, Guttenberg and Selleck in "Three Men and a Baby."

Hard-partying catalog model Cameron Diaz ("Jack Holden"/Ted Danson), likable YA novelist Amy Poehler ("Michael Kellam"/Steve Guttenberg) and overworked financial consultant Tina Fey ("Peter Mitchell"/Tom Selleck) are three modern, career-driven, late-30s gals who prefer being single and living it up on the New York party scene to settling down to marriage and kids. The three share a ritzy loft and throw epic parties, scoring some of the most eligible men in town but never letting them get too committed.

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But how great would Diaz, Poehler and Fey be?

Their perfect lives are turned upside down when Diaz's on-and-off fling, a seductive, smarmy international photographer played by Olivier Martinez ("Sylvia Bennginton"/Nancy Travis), loses his young model wife to a drug overdose and flips out, disappearing to Bali to "rediscover his zen," leaving the women with his 1-year-old child. To make matters worse, Martinez left behind a bigger mess than just the baby -- the three women are forced to deal with drug lords looking to collect on his debts, as well.


"Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure"

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Aubrey Plaza and Emma Stone would be incredible as the new Bill and Ted.

Aubrey Plaza ("Ted 'Theodore' Logan"/Keanu Reeves) and Emma Stone ("Bill S. Preston, Esquire"/Alex Winter) are two airheaded SoCal babes who are totes gonna fail their super-bogus history exam and get sent away to boarding school. Messenger and mentor Janeane Garofalo ("Rufus"/George Carlin) arrives via a time-traveling phone booth to help the girls go back in time, meet history's most memorable characters and bring them back for one totally kick-ass final project.


"Weird Science"

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Anthony Michael Hall and Ilan Mitchell-Smith starred in the original "Weird Science."

Nerds Charlyne Yi ("Wyatt Donnelly"/Ilan Mitchell-Smith) and Ellen Page ("Gary Wallace"/Anthony Michael Hall) are tops in their computer science classes but can't seem to master the social side of college. They're constantly plagued by bullies Chloe Grace Moretz ("Ian"/Robert Downey Jr.) and Analeigh Tipton ("Max"/Robert Rusler) and blackmailed by Page's older sister Amy Schumer ("Chet Donnelly"/Bill Paxton).

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Charlyne Yi and Ellen Page would make some mighty fine nerds in a reimagined version of the flick.

That is, until they combine their science skills with a little magic. On a quest to create the "perfect" man on which to practice the kissing skills they so desperately lack, they hack into a government mainframe and connect a Han Solo action figure to their MacBook Pro, hitting "enter" just as a lightning bolt hits their dorm. Chris Hemsworth ("Lisa"/Kelly LeBrock) strolls out of their now smoke-filled bathroom and turns their world upside down.


"Police Academy"

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Ronda Rousey would make an amazing Hightower, filling Bubba Smith's shoes from the original.

Because of a shortage of police officers, the mayor puts out a call to an untapped market of potential cadets in town: women. Female applicants will get fast-tracked through the system if they just make it through the cadet program. Likable but flighty Rashida Jones ("Carey Mahoney"/Steve Guttenberg) talks her way out of her third speeding ticket of the week by agreeing to join the Academy. She joins a group of fellow oddball rookies: the beatboxing, awkward-rapping Anna Kendrick ("Larvell Jones"/Michael Winslow), the perpetually terrified Ellie Kemper ("Leslie Barbara"/Donovan Scott), the volatile, gun-obsessed Sarah Baker ("Eugene Tackleberry"/David Graf), muscle-bound badass Ronda Rousey ("Moses Hightower"/Bubba Smith) and the sweet-talking-until-she-gets-angry Kristen Schaal ("Laverne Hooks"/Marion Ramsey).

Tough-as-nails Lieutenant Jane Lynch ("Thaddeus Harris"/G.W. Bailey) doesn't want women who didn't work their way up the ladder to get accepted to the Academy so easily, so she makes the cadets' lives a living hell. Sweet, slightly dim-witted Commandant Lisa Kudrow ("Eric Lassard"/George Gaynes) wants to give the newbies a shot, though. She puts meddling, butt-kissing cadets Kerry Washington ("Chad Copeland"/Scott Thomson) and Aidy Bryant ("Kyle Blankes"/Brant von Hoffman) in charge of letting her know if the other rookies go rogue. Shemar Moore ("Debbie Callahan"/Leslie Easterbook) is a serious Sergeant with major sex appeal, while cadet Jason Bateman ("Karen Thompson"/Kim Cattrall) plays Rashida Jones' love interest.

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