Gear We Love: Action Sports Athletes' Favorite Cold-Weather Gear

Tired of sub-freezing temps? Us, too. But polar vortexes seem to be the new norm, and with all the fresh powder that was just dumped on the East Coast, we may as well gear up. Last weekend we went straight to the pros at X Games Aspen 2015 to find out what they wear on the mountain. The athletes recommended jackets, mittens and helmets -- and two of them picked exactly the same kind of snow pants, so you know they're legit. Prepare to feel a lot warmer the next time you head out into the elements.

Burton Voo Doo GORE-TEX Snowboard Jacket

Kelly Clark, Snowboard SuperPipe (Most decorated female athlete in X Games history, with 13 medals):

"This is one of my favorite jackets for snowboarding. I love it because it's both warm and waterproof. And if you're having a bad day, it's always nice because people give you compliments on it wherever you go."


POW W's Astra Mitt

Brita Sigourney, Ski SuperPipe (Three-time X Games medalist):

"I love my POW gloves in Cheetah print because they keep my fingers warm and they keep me looking fresh on the hill. I hate skiing with cold hands ... and I love a little cheetah accent."


Nike Willowbrook Snow Pants

Silje Norendal, Snowboard Slopestyle (three-time X Games gold medalist) and Spencer O'Brien, Snowboard Slopestyle (four-time X Games medalist):

Silje: "I love these because they're tight, warm, comfortable and come in black. I wear them when I'm riding. And they're so comfortable that when I go home, it takes me awhile to take them off."

Spencer: "They're fleece-lined so they keep me warm when needed, but if I overheat I can open the vents to cool off. They are the most perfect fit of any snow pant I've ever owned, and they've got a really feminine cut so no one will mistake me for a boy on the hill. The fabric is durable to withstand the many falls I take while learning new tricks and they come in a variety of colors so I can switch it up as I please."


TreeFort Travelers Trunk 2.1

Devin Logan, Ski Slopestyle and SuperPipe (2014 Olympic silver medalist in Slopestyle):

"I keep my cell in my neck wallet so I don't lose it! It's really convenient, and it's always under my jacket when I ski."


POC WO Mittens

Julia Krass: Ski Slopestyle (2014 Olympian at age 16):

"I love these -- and I always wear them no matter what the temperature is. They are comfortable and keep me warm."


Bern Lindsey Jacobellis Berkeley Helmet

Lindsey Jacobellis, Snowboarder X (Nine-time X Games gold medalist):

"I'm biased, of course, but I love my Bern helmet. They let me design it, and I lined it with Unequal material to give me extra protection, but it's still lightweight. Plus it has wireless speakers."


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