Gear We Love: Favorite Gear From On-The-Move Moms

Chasing after kids makes up only a fraction of a daily workout for these 10 fitness bloggers and busy moms. Whether these on-the-move matriarchs are running behind a toddler or dashing to the finish line, here are the gear items they rely on to make it easier to parent and pant through a training session.

Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed

"My blender does just as many two-a-days as I do! I make a lot of smoothie bowls because they're a quick way to pack in protein and other nutrients as recovery food after hard workouts. I usually make enough to share it with my toddler, Amy. She enjoys the treat of eating 'Mommy food' and I enjoy that she's getting in a few bonus servings of fruits and veggies. Here's one of our favorite recipes"

Saucony Bullet Capri

"These are the best running bottoms I've ever encountered -- and I've trained for and run a dozen marathons. The nylon/spandex fabric is the ideal weight for three-season wear. The wide waistband with inner drawstring holds in my post-kids belly, making me look sleek in race photos. Perhaps the best feature is the side cargo pockets on the upper thigh: perfect for holding iPhone, keys and plenty of gel packets."

Believe I Am Training Journal

"It's a beautiful space that's all my own to record not only my miles and performance for training runs and races, but also to set goals and track my progress toward them. Filled with inspirational quotes and practical, thoughtful advice, this journal is wonderfully designed and becomes a keepsake for me long after it is full."

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller

"I'm injury-prone, and as such, it's super important that I keep my muscles, ligaments and tendons loose and pliable. A knot in a muscle usually translates to compensating my natural running stride, and my likelihood of injury goes way up. The tools of TriggerPoint Performance Therapy allow me to give myself a massage a couple times a week. I can roll out anything from my calves to my neck in just a few minutes, and the difference in my body -- and on my runs -- is significant. I usually roll in front of the television to distract from the hurts-so-good feeling. Bonus: When my son was younger, he loved to use the orange Grid roller as a tunnel for his Hot Wheels."

Pro Compression Socks

"I love these for recovery after a marathon or race or just a hard workout day. I've been known to wear them on date night and to bed regularly."

BOB Stroller Strides Fitness Stroller

"It's a great way to exercise while spending interactive time outdoors with my two young boys, ages 4 and 2. We listen to the Disney Channel on Pandora, play games, sing songs or read books while I run and they relax -- and sometimes nap! Running with a stroller is an amazing workout: Not only are you running but you are also getting a core and arm workout at the same time. We usually follow it up with a stop at the park or beach afterward."

Asics 33-DFA

"My new favorite running shoes are the Asics 33-DFA. It's like running on clouds. What's really super exciting is that my daughter wanted a pair of running shoes 'just like mommy's' and we found these Asics Pre-Contend 2 PS. Though it was touching that she wanted to be my mini-me, I dreaded the thought of tying her shoes. Luckily, we found these awesome kicks with elastic laces and velcro. I don't have to tie them -- ever. Win! Win!"

Orange Mud HydraQuiver Hydration Pack

"For years, I ran with a fuel belt. I hated having bottles of water attached to my hips and jiggling with each step. The HydraQuiver solves this problem. It is a lightweight backpack that does not move or bounce and holds one 20-ounce bottle of water. It has a zippered pocket where I can keep my phone (the kids always need to be able to reach me) and gels."

Keen Victoria Sandal

"This sandal is a great option for a trails-to-cocktails type of day for busy working moms like me who don't want to swap out shoes on days filled with fast-changing settings. It's also a super comfortable wedge, and has great pads in the heel and forefoot that keep feet comfy all day."

BOSE SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker

"I love my speaker for listening to Podcasts or music when working out. I can hear it over the treadmill and screaming kids. Plus, it's extremely portable and small."

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