What athletes eat: Carli Lloyd's colorful training salad

Find out how to prepare United States women's national soccer team star Carli Lloyd's favorite pregame salad from this step-by-step instructional video.

The Women's World Cup starts Saturday, and it will be the third time that midfielder Carli Lloyd has been on the U.S. roster. Though Lloyd has two Olympic gold medals, the U.S. women haven't won a World Cup in 16 years, so it's safe to say they'll be on a mission to end that drought.

Courtesy of Carli Lloyd

We caught up with Lloyd while she was gearing up for the national team's last sendoff match before heading to Canada for the World Cup. On the day before game day, this is her power salad from the hotel -- complete with pomegranate seeds.

Day and time: 1 p.m., May 29, 2015

Place: The Westin hotel in Jersey City, New Jersey

What I'm eating: My own salad creation: spinach with mango, strawberries, pine nuts, beets, chicken, pomegranate seeds and olive oil.

Why I'm eating it: I usually eat a salad for lunch and before a game since it keeps me feeling healthy and energized on the field. I love piling on the toppings: the more colorful the better! I usually do nuts, fruit and avocado, but I also mix up my creations with different toppings and lettuces.

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