Gear We Love: Must-Have Merch For People Who Do CrossFit

People who do CrossFit, like me, tend to think the same way: If you can wear it, use it or eat it and it'll in some way make you stronger, faster or fitter, sign us up. With the 2015 CrossFit Games underway, we took a look at some of the things CrossFitters nationwide are using to find an edge, and look good doing it.

Junk Headbands

Junk Brands

CrossFitters are forever in search of the perfect headband that stays in place, wicks sweat and tames unruly bangs. Junk headbands are up to the task and come in loads of prints in tie, infinity and ear-warmer styles. And the moisture-wicking blend of polyester and spandex is machine washable. They're even a part of this year's official uniform at the Games, with each athlete receiving a set. $16 to $20,

Etsy Wrist Wraps

Beastette Apparel

There are dozens of shops, like Beastette Apparel, on the e-commerce site Etsy that make custom wrist wraps in pretty much any pattern you can think of, from superheros or camouflage to rainbows or skulls. The wraps provide extra wrist support for the Olympic lifts and anything overhead. They also absorb excess sweat and keep it from running onto your palms, which cuts down on rips from pull-ups and toes-to-bar. $20 to $25,



This natural solution of balsams and herbs was originally developed in 1935 to toughen the pads of hunting dogs' feet, but gymnasts, distance runners and weightlifters discovered it magically also thickens human skin and protects against blisters and rips. When applied once daily, Tuf-Foot conditions the tissue to resist hot spots and chafing. And if you do rip, Tuf-Foot's soothing and antiseptic ingredients help speed healing and fight infection. $14.99,

PurePharma-3 Vitamins


Omega-3s reduce inflammation and promote heart health; vitamin D boosts both bone strength and your immune system; and magnesium helps you get more restful sleep. All of that means your body recovers faster. These handy vitamins come in a box that contains 30 single-serving packets, which means no more fumbling with multiple bottles and no excuses when you're on the road. $65,

Nike Metcons


The Metcon is Nike's do-it-all trainer, designed to lift, run, jump and climb ropes. The heel is low and stable, providing a solid platform for the Olympic lifts. The forefoot is cushioned and flexible for running and jumping. And the shoe sports sticky grip zones at the midfoot to ensure your J-hook stays locked in. This shoe is lightweight, breathable and tough, and so comfy you'll want to wear it long after you've left the gym. $120,

Cellucor Alpha Amino


This multi-tasking powder aims to promote muscular endurance, shorten recovery time and reduce muscle soreness. It contains 14 amino acids, plus muscle-building leucine and a hydration complex that includes raw coconut concentrate and chia seed extract. Alpha Amino lacks the excess sugar and salt of typical sport drinks and comes in five not-too-sweet flavors. $45,

Jerkfit Nubs


Ladies who hook-grip do not have happy thumbs. It's just a fact. But Jerkfit's Nubs reduce friction, absorb sweat and provide an extra layer of padding between your thumb and the barbell. They're made from elastic material that fits snugly over your thumbs, stays in place while you work out and helps to lock in your grip. Unlike tape, they don't leave your skin and equipment sticky, and they absorb chalk and remain dry for your entire Workout of the Day (WOD). And, they come in neon! $9.95,

Virus Compression Pants


The fabric on these techno-leggings is designed to keep you cool and improve circulation, which helps to regenerate tissue and increase endurance. The compression pattern targets the calves, quads and knees, areas that need the most support during tough WODS. And these pants are tough -- they're designed to stand up to and protect your legs during rope climbs and Oly lifts from the hang. $60 to $100,

Honorable mention: Rogue AbMat Wrap: Butt-burn. You know you've got it, and you know you don't want it. Enter Rogue's new neoprene AbMat Wrap, which encases the standard AbMat and provides an extra layer of padded protection between your lower back, rear end and tailbone and the unforgiving gym floor. Crunch away! $12.95,

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