Volleyball Player Jen Kessy's Playlist

Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

The beach volleyball tour is like a big traveling family, and Jennifer Kessy is super sociable. "I know everyone, all their kids, alI their wives, I can joke with my partner [Emily Day] and my coach for hours. I want to talk to everybody," she says.

When traveling from the hotel to the arena for a match, though, "I put my headphones on, probably only 20 minutes, and that time lets me refocus."

During that interval, the 2012 Olympic silver medalist picks her songs based on her mood: "If I'm feeling a little sad about [missing] my [11-month-old] daughter, Aila, I'll put on some hip-hop. If I'm missing my husband [pro beach volleyball player Andy Cés, who represents France], I'll put on some French stuff."

And then, closer to match time, it's all about getting pumped up.

"At my age," says Kessy (who turned 38 on July 31), "I've been playing for so long, I don't get real nervous, so I need something to get my adrenaline going."

Here's the mix that satisfies all of her different moods:

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