One-Handed Softball Catcher Jaide Bucher Shares 5 Keys To Success

When Jaide Bucher started playing softball when she was 8, her heart was set on being a catcher, just like her cousin.

Bucher faced a big challenge, though, since she was born with only one hand. Undeterred, she spent two years practicing how she would catch and then throw a ball.

"I had to figure out my transfer and practice that over and over and over and over to get it down where it's perfect and fast," she said.

Now a sophomore at Northglenn High School outside of Denver, the 15-year-old Bucher is the starting catcher on her varsity team and was recently featured in Gatorade's "Win From Within" video series. Her video on YouTube already has garnered more than 1.2 million views.

"I want to let people know that you can do whatever you want if you work hard enough," she said. "Life isn't going to hand you what you want. You have to work hard and put in the effort. You have to put in the hours and the time. No matter what you want to do, you can achieve it if you work hard enough."

"I hope the video helps people," she said. "My whole goal was to help someone with a difference to feel confident in themselves or to help a parent with a child that has a difference to be proud of them for who they are."

Here are Bucher's five keys to success.

1. Confidence

"If you're not confident, then you're not sure of yourself and you will doubt everything you do, every play you make, every decision you make. I find my confidence from within. I find it from my teammates. I find it from my family and friends."

2. Perseverance

"I've had a couple rough games where they haven't gone the way I've wanted them to and it feels like everything's working against me. You have to keep fighting hard. You have to keep playing your hardest and do your best."

3. Determination

"I have to be in the mindset to play seven games a weekend. I have to be able to catch game after game after game, hit the ball and run. When I'm tired after softball, I have to be able to do my homework and push through that. With school, when taking a test, I have to be focused and be able to do well."

4. Courage

"If you aren't willing to take risks during a game or in your life, you're never going to see the result. Even if it's a risk that ends up being a mistake, you know to do something else. If you don't take a risk, you could end up missing out on a big opportunity."

5. Humility

"Even if you're a good player, if you're not humble about it, no one's going to look up to you. When you're humble, you always know that you have room to grow."

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